Postdoctoral Researcher Position in water resources management via EGU


Montpellier, , FR

Job description

Working environment and activities

The Joint Research Unit “Water Management, Actors, Territories” (UMR G-EAU) brings together 70 permanent researchers and engineers and around 50 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from different disciplines who work together on integrated and adaptive water management issues. The unit conducts research on socio-hydro-systems and their regulation; it designs and evaluates tools to facilitate implementation of innovative public policies on water, and is involved in a multidisciplinary training course concerning the water sector.

Current practise in integrated water management predominantly uses multi-objective optimisation approaches with aggregated objectives. This biases results towards the status quo and against innovative solutions, while also raising ethical concerns. In contrast, many-objectives optimisation approaches can consider many non-aggregated objectives, which has the potential to enrich the solution space with alternative courses of action that better reflects the diverging perspectives of stakeholders. The IN-WOP project (Innovating Water Management Optimisation Practice) aims to implement many-objective approaches to water management and compare them with single-objective practices. The Joint Research Unit “Water Management, Actors, Territories” (UMR G-EAU) is involved in the French study-case where we focus on the coordinated regulation of the Seine river discharge to reduce both floods and droughts under current and future, climate change, affected conditions.

We are looking forward to employ a scientist with experience in water and climate research that will implement many-objective approaches in an existing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) model on the Seine River in collaboration with the partners of the project: The Multi-Actor Systems Department (MAS) at TU Delft and the Hydro-informatics Lab (HIL) at Politecnico di Milano.

Training and skills required

We are looking for goal-oriented colleagues, passionate about their work, who like to work both independently and with others. You are a good communicator, in spoken and written English. You have a doctoral degree in water resource management or closely related subject. You have good knowledge in programming linked to water and climate research.

How to apply

Send your application to [email protected]; it should include a cover letter, stating your research motivation and interests, including relevant background and career; Curriculum Vitae, including academic background, previous research and/or industrial experience; and 2 letters of recommendation.





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