Philippines nationals: Project Coordinator (Water and Rural Infrastructure Facility)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The RETA facility will support project preparation, including-capacity building, undertaking due 
diligence, and project readiness of ensuing SAER projects.

The consulting services assignment will support the SAER Project Administration Unit (PAU) and 
respective mission leaders to effectively handle project processing and administration of projects and 
assist the TASU officer in managing the TA facility . 

Scope of Work
Consultant will support in the processing/implementation of assigned projects (loans, grants and 
technical assistance), with a focus on processing and review of procurement-related tasks (goods, works, 
consulting services). The assignment will be full-time and will be located in ADB headquarters. The 
consultant will report to the PAU Head, SAER.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Project Start-up Support
• Collates initial information and data of loan, grant and TA projects for eOperations input, including 
project description and scope, design and monitoring framework, and initial baseline projections for 
contract awards and disbursements. 
• Assists in activities connected with the initial operation and implementation of loan, grant and TA 
projects, including monitoring and following up of loan/grant agreement signing, TA letter signing, 
loan/grant effectivity, drafting necessary documents and correspondence related to such activities.

Procurement and Consultant Services 
• Assists with the review of various procurement documents (e.g., prequalification documents, bid 
evaluation reports, contract awards-related documents/reports such as Project Contract Summary Sheet or 
Project Contract Update Sheet, and assists in drafting various papers).
• Assists designated International Staff in recruiting consultants, in preparing shortlists, request for 
proposals, evaluation of proposals, contract negotiations, and contract signing. Also assists in issuing 
contract variations for consultants’ contracts.
• Updates the Consultant Management System and the Procurement Contract Monitoring System to support 
monitoring of the progress of consultant recruitment and procurement.
• Assists in monitoring submission of TA consultants’ final billings and TA completion for timely 
closure of TA accounts.
• Maintain a record of all transactions in compliance to project unit conventions.

Project Administration
• Updates information and performance of assigned loan, grant and TA projects into eOperations quarterly 
or as necessary, including project description and scope, status of implementation, developments, major 
problems, and actions taken/proposed. 
• Assists designated International Staff in applying rules and procedures, such as the Loan/Grant 
Regulations, Project Administration Instructions, loan/grant/TA disbursement handbooks, and the 
financial management handbook.
• Collects, compiles and summarizes data and statistics in the division for the generation of periodic 
reports on project administration, closing of loan projects, and completion of technical assistance (TA) 
projects, status of selection and contracting of consultants and progress in the preparation of Project 
Completion Reports and Technical Assistance Completion Reports in timely manner.
• Assists in activities necessary to process disbursement claims by reviewing withdrawal applications, 
following-up submission, preparing required correspondence and re-estimating project costs and ADB's 
commitments and financing percentages. 
• Assists in reviewing requests for changes and/or reallocation of loan, grant and TA proceeds, and in 
drafting requisite memos for approval.
• Updates project data and prepares various reports on projects’ financial status as required by the 
Department and Management.

Performs any other duties as required including document review and correspondence.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
Education Requirements
• Bachelor's degree 
Work experience
• At least 10 years of relevant work experience; related experience in international agencies is 

Technical knowledge
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of ADB operational processes and procedures. Knowledge of ADB’
s procurement policies (Procurement Guidelines, 2015; Guidelines on the Use of Consultants; and 
Procurement Regulations, 2017, and relevant project administration instructions and staff instructions) 
is an advantage. Relevant procurement accreditation will be an advantage.
• Experience with project administration, preferably with ADB or similar international financing 
• Proven ability to collect and organize required data and information, apply appropriate computer 
skills in analyzing and developing the data, and prepare notes, papers and sections of reports  

Minimum General Experience
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)





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