International Legal Specialist (Water Law)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The objective of the consulting services to be recruited through the TA  is to help the PID enhance its 
capacity for transforming its service delivery from a traditional irrigation water deliverer to a WRD 
that holistically manage water resources and for the PID to respond to the Punjab Water Policy approved 
by Provincial Cabinet and Punjab Water Act, 2019 likely to be approved by Provincial Assembly.

Scope of Work
- Quality assurance of formulated delegated legislation under Punjab Water Act, 2019
- Support Water allocation experts in formulation of water allocation policy
- Provision of support during legislative process including addressing issues raised during the process 
- Assist PID and DG set ups (Punjab Water Resources Commission and Water Services Regulatory Authority) 
for implementation of legal framework and Punjab Water Act 2019
- Quality assurance of various licensing templates and develop terms and conditions of various type of 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
• Study the Punjab Water Act 2019 and develop legal framework for its implementation.
• Oversee formulation of rules and regulations for implementation of Punjab Water Act, 2019 and help in 
the approval process from the Government.
• Coordinate and consult with various stakeholders for development of rules and regulations.
• Identify all legal requirements and develop legal framework for implementation of the Punjab Water 
Act, 2019.
• Oversee formulation of licensing templates for application of water abstraction and sewage disposal 
• Any other task assigned by the Executive Agency 
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The Legal Specialist must have a post graduate degree in law from a reputed international university 
with a minimum of 15 years of legal and regulatory work experience in Pakistan and abroad.  A background 
knowledge of water sector policies, regulations and legal framework is desirable. The consultant should 
have in depth knowledge of comparative water law.  Experience in foreign funded projects with multi-
disciplinary teams will be given preference.