U.S. nationals: Civil Engineer (Hydraulics)

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Lakewood, CO, US


Reclamation is seeking a career professional looking for an opportunity to capitalize on his/her expertise as a Civil Engineer (Hydraulics). You can make a difference in the West by assisting in meeting increasing water demands while protecting the environment.

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-Performs investigations of rivers and reservoirs for habitat restoration, protection of infrastructure, and reservoir sedimentation and sustainability.

-Serves on interdisciplinary technical teams, assisting with proposal preparation, work scope, schedules, and budgets.

-Creates complex numerical modeling of river hydraulics and sediment transport used to simulate historic and future river and reservoir conditions.

-Conducts field data collection activities, including topographic and bathymetric surveys, measurements of flow depth and velocity, and bed-material and sediment bulk density analysis.

-Produces written reports documenting scientific investigations, describing purpose, background, methods of data collection, modeling results, and conclusions.