U.S. nationals: Northern Water Quality Steward


East Charleston, VT, US

Based in East Charleston, the ECO AmeriCorps member will help plant riparian buffers on unbuffered stream and rivers, provide support to lakeshore landowners and Lakes Associations in our area, serve alongside our Watershed Crew to implement water quality improvement projects, educate landowners on practices they can implement on their properties to help improve and protect water quality, participate in water quality sampling efforts, identify and map populations of invasive species on lakeshore properties, conduct Class IV road erosion inventories and revisit sites that do not meet Municipal Roads General Permit standards to determine the potential for water quality projects, review projects on the Watershed Projects Database to determine next steps, serve in partnership with our Forest Stewardship department to assess the use of Acceptable Management Practices during closeout procedures to protect water quality in forests, and partner with the Seymour Lake Association to maintain water quality improvement practices installed on their access area to increase the effectiveness and longevity of the practices. The service area of the ECO AmeriCorps will be focused mainly within the Memphremagog watershed, but will have some elements within the CT River and Lamoille watersheds.  




IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development