U.K./E.U. nationals: PhD: Sustainability, Water and Future Resource Security via FindAPhD

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, , GB

Project Description

The University of Birmingham in collaboration with United Utilities presents a remarkable opportunity to 2 PhD students: we are offering two fully-funded PhD studentships (fees and stipend) to take a high level view of the water treatment and supply system, and wastewater removal and treatment system, respectively. The students will join the Liveable Cities research team at the University of Birmingham, which has been researching the movement towards sustainability, resilience, liveability and smartness for more than 15 years.
The studentships will take a systems view, and in effect consider the elements of the water cycle that are bounded at each end by the natural environment. The research will involve
• identifying and mapping the systems with which potable water and wastewater are variously dependent and or interdependent, both generally and taking an urban perspective,
• creating sustainability assessment frameworks for the two water systems,
• exploring far-future alternative scenarios for water supply and removal, and
• assembling alternative ‘business models’ (i.e. making explicit all of the positive and negative consequences of working towards these alternative future scenarios) that would yield affordable water security for all in the far future while taking account of the radically changing – climatic, demographic, political – contexts.
We are interested far less in the disciplinary backgrounds of the students than in capable and enthusiastic candidates who are open to new ideas and wish to advance the pioneering research of the team. The studentships are open only to UK and EU nationals with a good undergraduate degree.
For enquiries, or to submit an application enclosing a CV and brief statement of interest, contact Professor Chris Rogers at