Consultant: Lead Trainer (Flood Management)

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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WWF seeks a consultant to support training in flood risk management.   The training will be based on the Natural and Nature-Based Flood Management:  A Green Guide (FGG)


Time Frame: periodically between Jan 2020-December 2021 based on availability and need.


Target Audience: The core audience for the training will be local communities and governments and will provide guidance to integrate the use of both community-based knowledge and management approaches, and government systems to manage flood risk. 


Consultant Activities: 

  1. Lead implementation of trainings based on the FGG training curriculum crafted by WWF. 
  2. As needed, modify existing curriculum and create new training content.
  3. Assist with FGG and training communication and outreach on as needed basis.
  4. Contribute to natural and nature-based flood management knowledge management related activities.      
  5. Participate in generation and dissemination of training program monitoring, evaluation, and lessons learned.


Requirements: Prior experience working as a lead trainer is required.

Must have ability to travel and work internationally.  Must be fluent English speaker and writer, additional language skills are beneficial. 


Please send brief statement of interest and CV to: [email protected]