Pakistan nationals: Consultant: Revision of GZCADP

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, , PK


International Water Management Institute (IWMI) seeks the services of a suitable national consultant to provide technical support to the Project Director (PD) to revise GZCADP PC-I.

Project Background

USAID’s strategic goal as stated in the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) is “A stable and prosperous Pakistan” Despite significant investments in water resources infrastructure development by USAID, other development partners and the Government of Pakistan, good water governance and water management continues to constrain achieving the USAID strategic goal and development objectives. There is a need for improved water governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to sustain the investments already made and those in pipeline and ensure these investments deliver the intended socio-economic and environmental outcomes. In order to address some of the issues of water management and governance, USAID has signed a Cooperative Agreement with IWMI in July 2018 for the activity, “Water Management for Enhanced Productivity (WMfEP)”.

The WMfEP activity will reduce constraints to the productive and sustainable use of water for agricultural production in KP. Improved arrangements for water governance and management in KP will enable increased farm household income and improved livelihoods to contribute to socio-economic development and political stability in the KP and beyond.

WMfEP is designed to support the strategic goal of USAID investments in KP and is structured in four components. The first component is ‘GZCAD Operationalized’. The component is disaggregated into several Tasks. The consultancy services are sought under Task 1.2.2-Bridging Capacity Gaps # 1.


The GZCADP PC-I was approved in 2014 for construction of 393 watercourses along with three other components. The project completion date was extended to September 2020. The scope of the project has changed significantly with an expected 40% increase in the number of watercourses and related activities. Similarly, USAID has recently decreased its funding share from $22.22 million to $12.87 million. This requires a revision of the Project PC-I is required on urgent basis to document change of scope and adjustment in funding. The task is particularly technical and is required to be submitted and approved from the provincial and federal government departments at the earliest. As GZCADP lacks qualified and experienced staff to complete this highly technical task, a short term technical assistance/consultant for the timely revision of GZCADP PC-I is required.

Scope of Work

  • Review of existing PC-I with focus on project timeframe, components, targets and funds allocations for comparative analysis with the project achievements and performance;
  • Analyze the revised project scope and the proposed revision of component targets;
  • Validate and triangulate the proposed revisions in the field for documentation as per donor requisites;
  • Articulate the rational and justification of the revision of PC-I with elaboration on variance in components/activities targets and funds allocation;
  • Formulation of revised work plan and budget appropriations;
  • Furnish the PC-I Performa as revised draft for further submission to provincial and federal government departments;


  • Address the comments on revised PC-I and submit the final revised PC-I.

Duration: 03 months

Your application must include a copy of your curriculum vitae, including details of previous experience, together with a cover letter and contact information of three professional referees who may be contacted, if you are shortlisted.

This is a nationally recruited position and only citizens of Pakistan are eligible to apply.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



  • Master’s Degree in the field of Water Resources Engineering/ Management/ Agricultral Engineering/ IWRM or a related field.

Knowledge & Experience

  • 15 years professional experience in developing and managing projects with multilateral funding in the area of natural resource management.
  • Experience of working in USAID funded project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
  • Experience of working in a CGIAR Centre will be an asset.
  • Understanding of project life cycle and stages.

Skills & Abilities

  • Strong project management skills.
  • Ability to advise and revise the project proposal within the limitation of time and budget.





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