U.S. nationals: Hydrologist

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

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General Information

Salary: Charleston, WV

  • For GS-07: $42,053 (Step 01) to $54,670 (Step 10);
  • For GS-09: $51,440 (Step 01) to $66,868 (Step 10);
  • For GS-11: $62,236 (Step 01) to $80,912 (Step 10);

Salary: Richmond, VA

  • For GS-07: $43,402 (Step 01) to $56,424 (Step 10);
  • For GS-09: $53,089 (Step 01) to $69,012 (Step 10);
  • For GS-11: $64,232 (Step 01) to $83,508 (Step 10);
  • NOTE: First time hires to the Federal Government are typically hired at the Step 01.
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As a HYDROLOGIST within the Virginia-West Virginia Water Science Center, some of your specific duties will include:

– Assisting higher level hydrologists in conducting hydrologic studies.

– Collecting and analyzes hydrologic data using a variety of methods and equipment.

– Preparing interpretive reports of hydrologic studies and prepare hydrologic information in the form of maps, charts, or graphs.

– Computing, analyze and interpret records of streamflow, water levels, pumpage, sediment quantities, or biological and chemical quality to assist in the scientific evaluation of hydrologic phenomena.


This position requires periods considerable walking, lifting, bending, climbing, and stream wading to collect data. Office conditions are normal; field conditions may include extreme heat or cold, rain or snow and hazardous condition such as ice or flooding.