Integrated Water Management Specialist

Nebraska Department of Natural Resources

Lincoln, NE, US

The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) is looking for an Integrated Water Management (IWM) Specialist to work as part of a technical team solving multifaceted water supply, use, and groundwater/surface water interaction questions. Applicants will be expected to develop their knowledge of the complex integrated modeling tools that the Department currently uses: MODFLOW groundwater model, CROPSIM and watershed models, and STELLA software. We are looking for an individual with strong communication skills, problem solving abilities, and ability to work productively in a team environment.

Hours: 8-5, Monday – Friday.

Job location is the Nebraska State Office Building, Downtown. 


Examples of Work
Working as an integral part of the technical and planning team at the Department, the IWM Specialist is responsible for the development of large and high-level hydrogeological technical data and analyses required for the integrated surface water/groundwater management planning process. The main job duties are to perform groundwater modeling in MODFLOW and hydrogeological analyses of groundwater/surface water interactions and conduct other hydrologic analyses. The duties also include working with Department team members and the natural resources districts to implement integrated water management plans; complete projects needed to meet the integrated water management obligations of the Department concerning the Groundwater Management and Protection Act; retain proper documentation and maintain archiving of completed hydrogeological analyses; prepare and make professional presentations to discuss surface water/groundwater interactions and associated impacts on the integrated management planning process to a wide range of technical audiences; and provide support for integrated management plans and interstate compacts, decrees, and agreements.
Qualifications / Requirements
REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s degree in Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Geology, Engineering, Natural Sciences or related field and experience in groundwater hydrology, geology or groundwater modeling.

PREFERRED: Experience with groundwater modeling in MODFLOW; experience with computer programming in python, MATLAB, Fortran, or C++; proficiency in ArcGIS; experience with database creation and management using Microsoft Access or other programs; experience with the Jupyter Notebook App; and experience in technical writing and communicating complex hydrological data with the public and technical audiences concerning integrated management issues.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of: the interconnection of agricultural practices, land use, and the hydrological cycle; hydrogeological processes; water use measurements and assessment technologies; database creation and management; water planning processes; and statistical and mathematical models as applied to the analysis and interpretation of hydrogeological data. Skill in: groundwater modeling in MODFLOW; computer programming to automate modeling processes; developing and analyzing groundwater models; managing large datasets; applying hydrogeological analysis techniques; synthesizing alternative solutions or conclusions; and communicating results of hydrogeological analyses. Ability to: learn various modeling and programming techniques as well as application of analytical tools; interpret data obtained from instruments and equipment; organize and analyze surface and groundwater systems and other available hydrogeological information and reach sound conclusions; read, interpret, and apply Nebraska’s surface and groundwater laws, rules and regulations, and integrated management plans; apply critical thinking skills and logic; select, compile and analyze information as necessary to identify, substantiate, and solve a scientific or technical problem; and communicate technical information to other technical experts and the general public through presentations and technical reports.