Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) (West and Central Africa Adaptation Specialist)

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)

Geneva, , CH

UN Environment, as the lead of a consortium of 13 partner organizations, has been selected as the host for the operational arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism: the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). The mission of the CTCN is to stimulate technology cooperation and to enhance the development and transfer of climate technologies to developing countries. The CTCN assists developing country Parties at their request, building or strengthening their capacity to prepare and implement climate technology projects that span the technology transfer continuum. The CTCN supports public and private sector action on mitigation and adaptation, enhancing low-carbon and climate-resilient development in a manner consistent with the capabilities and priorities of recipient countries.
Purpose and Scope of Assignment

In this position, the consultant will provide services for the operationalization of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), and will work in close coordination with the CTCN Director and the Regional Manager in the LAC, West and Central Africa regions.

In particular, he/she will support:

•   Capacity building, knowledge management, and communication activities on adaptation technologies;

•   Adaptation and joint mitigation-adaptation technical assistance request generation and refinement; and technical assistance day-to-day management;

•   CTCN Response Plan development and review (project documents) in collaboration with client countries and sector experts;

•   Consortium Partners and Network Members engagement for delivery of CTCN technical assistance, including monitoring and evaluation;

•   Input into global adaptation products including within the scope of the UNFCCC processes;

•   Outreach to new client countries and network members including through vision to concept programmes.

The consultant will contribute to the following deliverables:

•   Materials needed for Regional Fora to be conducted throughout 2019-2020 are drafted and finalized;

•   Recommendations on potential adaptation and joint mitigation-adaptation requests are prepared;

•   Technical review and recommendations on the design of CTCN response plans (project documents) are prepared;

•   Review and quality assurance of deliverable reports provided by CTCN implementers is undertaken;

•   Drafting of ToR for agreements and tendering documents;

•   Evaluation of technical proposals submitted by the network;

•   Review and quality assurance of Monitoring & Evaluation reports is undertaken;

•   Preparation of Readiness proposals for the Green Climate Fund and other windows of adaptation financing;

•  The database of partners and their adaptation-related activities is updated.
Monitoring and Project Controls

The consultant will report to the LAC, West and Central Africa Manager, in close cooperation with the CTCN Director and its team.

Objective 1: Strengthen capacities of National Designated Entities of the CTCN in LAC, West and Central Africa and other stakeholders on climate technologies.


–    Draft materials and guidance documents for capacity building events and vision to concept programmes;

–    Support regional capacity building events through the provision of technical input and organisational support.

Objective 2: Ensure effective implementation of regional collaborative activities and additional partnership opportunities.


–    Identify potential partners with experience in LAC, West and Central Africa;

–    Contribute to strengthen the relationship of CTCN with key partners: focal points (NDEs), consortium partners and network members;

–    Contribute to the database of partners and their adaptation-related activities in those countries in LAC, West and Central Africa with active adaptation-related Technical Assistance;

–    Draft concept notes on collaboration between the CTCN and other stakeholders (universities, private sector, donors, etc.);

–    Review PCAs between the CTCN and Consortium Partners.

Objective 3: Ensure sound coordination and high quality of responses delivered by the CTCN in LAC, West and Central Africa


–    Review requests submitted by countries to the CTCN and provide recommendations on request eligibility, prioritisation, refinement and response development;

–    Review the work of Response Expert Team in charge of developing response plan and provide technical input as needed;

–    Review the work of the Implementation Team and ensure compliance with work plan timelines and deliverable schedules;

–    Review and provide recommendations on the quality of deliverables, including completion reports.

Objective 4: Support global processes related to the provision of Technical Assistance on Adaptation


–    Provide recommendations on input into global adaptation products including within the scope of the UNFCCC processes.

The performance will be measured through analyzing the quality of documents produced, the respect of deadlines and the success of activities supported by the consultant.


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in environmental science, international development, international public policy or related area.


  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of climate change;
  • Experience of working with International Organizations is an asset;
  • Experience working in LAC, West and Central Africa is an asset;
  • Understanding and experience with UN Programs, their development and implementation activities is an advantage 


  • Strong communication and writing skills in English and French are required. 
  • Knowledge of Spanish is required.