Tanzania nationals: National Research Co-ordinator

Shahidi wa Maji/Accountability for Water Partnership

Morogoro, , TZ

Shahidi wa Maji is the Tanzanian lead within the global Accountability for Water Action and Research Programme which is investigating the levers of change for stronger accountability throughout the water sector. The work focuses on the ‘community dynamics’ of accountability (what stimulates and sustains citizen voice?), ‘duty bearer dynamics’ (when and why is there an effective response?), and the ‘enabling environment’ (how can impact, legacy and countering of closing civic space be supported?). The goal is to generate and share knowledge which will enable all stakeholders to harness accountability practice to accelerate delivery of the water related SDG’s. We are seeking a Tanzanian national with the experience and skills to co-ordinate this innovative, multi-stakeholder programme. The post-holder will be responsible for its successful co-ordination in Tanzania and will provide administrative and technical support to partners and Professional Research Fellows to ensure high-quality research design, delivery, documentation, and communication and uptake of results. This is an excellent opportunity for a gifted individual with exceptional organisational and communication skills to help shape research, policy and practice on accountability and advocacy in Tanzania, and to build a legacy of wider impact through the next step in their career as a leader for sustainable development and social justice.





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