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Location: Programme Division, UNICEF NYHQ
Work Type : Consultancy

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 Background & Rationale

 Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) is a global partnership of over 150 country governments, private sector and civil society organizations, external support agencies, research and learning institutions and other development partners working together to catalyse political leadership and action, improve accountability and use scarce resources more effectively. Partners work towards a common vision of sanitation, hygiene and water for all, always and everywhere.

The Secretariat of the SWA global partnership is hosted by UNICEF at its Headquarters in New York. The SWA Secretariat is responsible for supporting the Steering Committee, Executive Chair and Chair, promoting the country-level engagement of partners, and organizing global High-level Meetings of finance and sector ministers.

The Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) partnership promotes and supports ongoing, multi-stakeholder dialogue at national, regional and global level. As part of this process, SWA has held regular, global, High-level meetings (HLMs) involving ministers of finance (2010, 2012 and 2014) and ministers responsible for sanitation, water and hygiene. Sector ministers have convened three times in Washington, at the time of the Finance Ministers’ Meetings and, most recently, during a dedicated, three-day gathering in Addis Ababa in March 2016.  Each of these meetings has been preceded by a preparatory process, coordinated by the SWA Secretariat, and follow up has involved ongoing reporting on progress towards commitments made at the meetings. 

 As part of this ongoing cycle of high-level political dialogue, SWA is planning to hold its 4th HLM for ministers of finance on April 21, 2017 at the time of the World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington D.C. This meeting will be preceded by a Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) on 19-20 April, for those ministers who will accompany their finance ministers to Washington. On the afternoon of 20 April, sector ministers will have the opportunity to conduct final briefings with their finance ministers on issues raised at the SMM, and selected SWA partners will offer sessions on a range of topics of relevance to SWA’s work.

A significant amount of preparation is required in order to run an effective series of meetings in April 2017, including a comprehensive preparatory process for countries and other SWA constituencies. Accordingly, the SWA Secretariat is looking for skilled professionals to help boost its capacity before, during and immediately following the meetings. 


The purpose of this consultancy is to contribute to the preparation and execution of, and follow up to, the 2017 SWA High-level meetings, in order to achieve the objectives of raising the political priority of sanitation, water and hygiene, promoting action to increase access, and fostering the exchange of experience between SWA partners. Ultimately, the meetings and associated activities are aimed at supporting the achievement of SWA’s vision of sanitation, water and hygiene for all, always and everywhere. 

 Expected results: (measurable results) 

  1. SWA High-level Meetings are well-run and inclusive, support the exchange of experience and information, and contribute to robust national plans to increase access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

In order for this to be achieved, the following are needed:

  1. Detailed agendas are developed
  2. High-level speakers are identified and briefed
  3. Ministerial dialogues are planned, and moderators and resource people are identified and briefed
  4. Support staff (e.g. interpreters, ushers, and registration desk staff) are briefed and managed during the meetings
  1. HLM participants are well-prepared:
    1. A robust preparatory process is designed
    2. Background briefing materials are provided to participants, including templates for country and constituency presentations
    3. Webinars, phone calls and other means of communication are used to provide information and gather information from participants about their expectations of the meeting.
    4. In-country, multi-stakeholder dialogues are prompted, to prepare ministers to represent their countries at the meetings
    5. Multi-partner dialogues within constituencies are promoted (e.g. between donors, between private sector SWA partners) to enable these groups to effectively participate in the meetings.
    6. The preparatory process is well-documented and lessons learned are captured for future meetings
  • HLMs and related activities are well-documented and communicated:
    1. Teams of rapporteurs are identified and briefed
    2. An evaluation form is developed, distributed and the results are analysed
    3. Meeting reports are drafted in a timely manner

 Duty Station

The consultant will be based remotely.  Travel will be required to attend the High-level Meetings in Washington, D.C. in April 2017.  Travel will be arranged by the SWA Secretariat; including ticket cost, DSA and terminal fees, following UNICEF procedures.  All additional costs are at the expense of the consultant. 


 Start date:  12 December 2016  End date: 30 June 2017




(Estimated # of Days)



–  Conduct consultations with partners on expected meeting outcomes

–  Finalize aims and objectives of the HLM

–  Contribute to development of meeting agendas

–  Draft plans for ministerial dialogues

–  Contribute to development and implementation of the preparatory process, and help catalyse in-country multi-stakeholder dialogues


31 December, 2016


–  Identify potential speakers, moderators and resource people

–  Create templates and guidance for country and constituency presentations

–  Contribute to the preparation of background documents

–  Reach out to speakers and provide context for their participation

–  Implement preparatory process and support in-country multi-stakeholder dialogues


28 February, 2016


–  Finalize background documents

–  Develop meeting evaluation form

–  Brief speakers, moderators, resource people and support staff

–  Contribute to guidance notes for Chairs and other speakers


30 April, 2016


–  Analyse meeting evaluations and prepare synthesis report

–  Document preparatory process and in-country multi-stakeholder dialogues

–  Contribute to meeting reports and other outcome documents

–  Participate in debrief meetings and compilation of lessons learned


30 June 2016





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