Water Sector Event Coordination

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Manila, , PH

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
This assignment aims to put in place the required support to the Water Sector Group in ensuring that the 
Water Sector Group events such as the 2020 Sanitation Dialogue, the Stockholm World Water Week, among 
others, are planned and executed in accordance with the approved concept, principles, program, and 
timetable so that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Scope of Work
ADB will mobilize an individual consultant to assist in the preparation for and execution of the 2020 
Water Sector Group events. The expert is also required to provide technical inputs.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Specifically, the consultant will carry out the following tasks in coordination with the Water Sector 
Group Secretariat and Events Management Unit:

a.	Water Sector Group Secretariat – closely coordinate with the Water Sector Group Secretariat all 
ongoing activities and the support that is needed to successfully organize and execute the proposed 
events; report the progress against the workplan/outcomes and all activities to the Water Sector Group 
Secretariat, the Events Management Unit and other people involved in the organization of the events 
during regular meetings;
b.	Timetable - maintain an overall event timetable, tracking, and reporting status of all critical 
activities; take adequate measures to mitigate bottlenecks and critical aspects; inform the Water Sector 
Group Secretariat and the Events Management Unit accordingly;
c.	Participants - manage attendee database, including monitoring status of travel arrangements, visa, 
and accommodation;
d.	Chairpersons - liaise with assigned session chairs, ensuring that they are provided with suitable 
briefing materials and assisted during the event with timekeeping and other support;
e.	Services – coordinate with the Events Management Unit, contractors and suppliers prior to the event 
to ensure provision of required translation services, event venue set-up, catering, and other 
contractual services.
f.	Floor Management - assist nominated ADB staff member/s who will manage the event within each venue to 
ensure that all sessions run smoothly, to time session duration, and allow participation. Floor 
management includes testing all presentations, checking layout, sound and lighting arrangements. It also 
includes recommending staffing needed for the actual event conduct (secretariat, hosts, ushers) ensuring 
all are fully briefed on roles and each day are in place. It also includes ensuring major players 
(chairs, presenters) are briefed and are ready for their sessions.
g.	Documentation – review abstracts, coordinate the preparation of documentation for the event, 
including the post-event report. 

-	Event tracking and monitoring report
-	Participants database
-	Materials for session chairs
-	Post-event report
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultant should have relevant experience working on water sector events and coordinating knowledge 
events. Consultant should also have relevant experience working on water sector issues and challenges.

Minimum General Experience
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)