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Introduction :

Assessing Human Rights and Environment Due Diligence Progress.

In recent years, a rich dialogue has emerged around the role that businesses play in shaping our environment, well-being, and security. On one hand businesses are celebrated for their contributions to sustainable development through various initiatives, on the other, there are instances where businesses have been criticized for promoting harmful behaviors.

In this context, there has been a rejuvenated campaign to clean business operations and global supply chains of irresponsible behavior. Consumers, shareholders and investors are demanding that enterprises do more to minimize harms and maximize social dividends not only in times of economic expansion, but also as a response to present and future crisis. For this reason, there has been a significant push to make human rights due diligence practice mandatory for all businesses.


In Sri Lanka, the project has been working closely in the last two years, to build capacities of businesses on how to put in place human rights and environment due diligence processes. These sessions have taken a sector specific focus and have targeted businesses in the apparel, agriculture and rubber sectors.

The institution would be required to carry out one on one sessions with the selected companies, to assess their level of understanding on human rights and environment due diligence, identify their progress on carrying out due diligence, what policies are in place and other steps taken. Also identify challenges that exist in adhering to responsible business practices in their operations.

The scope of services associated with this assignment can be broadly categorized as follows.

• Minimum of 3 one on one sessions with selected businesses 

• Risk analysis to identify and assess the human rights risks of the business and its relevance to the country, and sector in operations 

• Assessment of gaps between existing policies, systems and practices within the business  

• Identification of challenges in putting in place and rolling out Human Rights and Environment Due Diligence processes 

• Recommendations on areas the business can focus on to address human rights risks across their business operations 

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