Organizational Strategy Consultant

Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)

New York, NY, United States 🇺🇸

Request for Proposals

Organizational Strategy Consultant

Term of Contract:       End of January 2020 – End of Feb 2020

Contract Award:         $7000 – $10000 *Travel costs covered by WEDO separately, to extent possible

Deadline to apply:       Jan 17 2020

Proposals should be submitted by Jan 17 2020.

Organizational Background

Founded in 1990, the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) is a women’s global advocacy organization based in New York. WEDO works on issues of climate and environmental injustice from a feminist perspective. Environmental degradation and in turn, increasing climate chaos, are the symptoms of broken political and economic systems that fail to center people and planet, and fail to value systems of care and regeneration that are central to WEDO’s intersectional feminist epistemology.

WEDO believes that access to rights, voice and justice drives solutions; that women, as a result of socially constructed gender roles, are often more directly or severely impacted by negative environmental change while also having a unique perspective for creative and appropriate solutions; and that addressing complex environmental problems must incorporate women’s human rights to avoid increasing gender inequality and violence against women and to secure sustainable development for future generations.

WEDO works to ensure that women are empowered to claim their rights as decision-makers and leaders, especially on issues related to environment and sustainable development. Via a focus on advocacy, leadership development and intersectional knowledge generation, WEDO builds power by linking and amplifying grassroots and frontline feminist experiences of environmental impacts into global movements and policy spaces. As advocates, WEDO focuses on mapping spaces for influence and resourcing women leaders with the tools and knowledge to be effective advocates.

Project Summary

As WEDO enters is third decade of work at the intersection of women’s rights and environmental justice, it faces a critical moment to reflect on its work, assess impact and focus next steps towards lasting impact.

Our goal is to review some of the key focus areas of WEDO’s work, as well as the outcomes of the 2016-2020 strategic plan, to set short-term and long-term strategies for our work as well as key and focused targets for measuring impact. The output of this project would be a renewed Strategic Framework for the organization.

Project Scope and Deliverables

Lead a process to collect inputs and background from the WEDO team and its partners to create a renewed Strategic Framework for the organization. Preparation process should include:

  • Background interviews with WEDO Director, team members and key partners (4-6 individuals);
  • Review of provided background materials on the organization and its work.

The Strategic Framework is envisioned to build on the organizations mission and work, but channel a very broad agenda for social change into a concrete and measurable roadmap for advocacy and impact. The 2-3 page framing document coming from these inputs will likely include:

1) WEDO’s Political analysis (i.e. a simplified problem statement);

2) Renewed Theory of Change (i.e. what is the solution);

3) Impact (i.e. what are the conditions – long and short term – that need to exist in order for this solution to be realized)

4) WEDO’s Work (what interventions are key to creating these enabling conditions, what are we currently doing –what we need to continue/ phase down/ or shift towards)

Key deliverables include the following:

  • Facilitate a 1-2 day strategic planning/ scoping meeting at WEDO’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY (sometime in the last two weeks of January 2020);
  • Draft 2-3 page Strategic Framework document, which should be derived from the strategic planning / scoping meetings.  



  • Expertise designing organizational needs assessments and/or leadership development tools and processes;
  • Strong background in organizational effectiveness or organizational development.

Strongly Preferred:

  • Experience providing support to clients or coworkers working in an international, multicultural context;
  • Experience working on feminist / women’s rights issues;
  • Experience working on climate change and environmental issues;
  • Experience cultivating innovation in the nonprofit or social impact space


We’re flexible on the approach you take, but we ask for the following key details to be covered in a brief proposal:

  • A brief description of your background and why you would be a good fit for this project;
  • A description of how you would approach this work, including how many in-person team meetings you would envision for this process ;
  • Cost-estimate;
  • Brief overview of travel and lodging needs, if any;
  • 2-3 References;
  • Resume;
  • Your availability for an interview between Jan 17-20 2020.

Proposals should be submitted by Jan 17 2020