Innovation Broker (Climate Change Adaptation and Private Sector Development/ Social Entrepreneurship)



Call for Experts – Innovation Brokers / Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in the Private and Business Sector

PlanAdapt is looking for experts that have an interest, motivation, and professional experience in creating positive social impact related to climate change adaptation and resilience-building in the private and business sector. We are particularly encouraging applicants from East Africa or alternatively with experience in East Africa!

Preferred background and qualifications:

1) Area of Experience 1 (Private Sector Development/ Social Entrepreneurship):
3-5 years of experience working in and exposure to actors, initiatives and approaches that relate to businesses, and start-ups that create positive social and environmental impacts, including positive adaptation and resilience outcomes, particularly in the Global South. That would comprise experience in and exposure to:
• Financing models and instruments, business models;
• (impact) investors and innovation brokers;
• Innovation ecosystems and enabling legislative, regulatory and policy environment for businesses;
• Incubation and accelerator programmes;
• Application of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment criteria;
• Ideation spaces for inclusive, open innovation.

2) Area of Experience 2 (Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience-Building):
3-5 years of experience working in and exposure to actors, initiatives and approaches that focus on:
• Assessing and measuring adaptation and resilience outcomes and impact;
• Designing monitoring systems focused on adaptation and resilience outcomes;
• Conducting research and analytical work on adaptation and resilience research;
• Developing conceptual approaches that promote adaptation and resilience outcomes;
• Identifying good practices and creating learning and knowledge outputs and products
• Designing and implementing training and capacity-building activities for SMEs, start-ups and innovators.

We encourage candidates to apply if they have strong expertise in one of the two areas, and complementary but limited skills and expertise in the other one.

Our Offer:
We aim to collectively develop our project portfolio in this field of work, with a more immediate focus on East Africa. Depending on the kind of projects and programmes that PlanAdapt will build, develop and attract, successful applicants will be offered project-based assignments and contracts. In addition, each successful applicant will get the opportunity to become a PlanAdapt Fellow operating in the Climate Co-Adaptation Lab.

We would be keen to hear from you and receive your expression of interest (including your CV) to engage (at)





IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development