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Médecins Sans Frontières

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇮

Job description

Médecins Sans Frontières, founded in 1971, is an international non-profit organization that provides emergency medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of medical professionals, logistics, administrative and various other professions, all guided by our medical ethics and our principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

MSF WaCA, created in 2019, is the first MSF headquarters in Africa, and responds to the desire to reinvent the MSF movement after 50 years of humanitarian actions in the world, for more access to care, more reactivity and proactivity for greater medical coverage of affected populations in the world.

Why join us?

You are preparing to become a member of the MSF family, with over 50 years of emergency medical action that earned it the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

We are an inclusive organization that considers social and professional well-being a right for all and provides an environment that takes into account the diversity of each volunteer.

MSF WaCA claims an African anchorage that considers the local expertise with which it contributes in the implementation of its activities and makes each member, a key actor of the new dynamics of the humanitarian act in the world.

We are looking for: FLYING WATSAN

Department : Logistics/Medical

Line Manager: Head of Logistics

Functional Manager: OCB Environmental Health Referent

Mobility: All WaCA’s Intervations Zones

Type of contract: CDD Renewable

Position based in : Abidjan

Working Time : 100%

Position to be filled: As soon as Possible

General Objective

In the field of Watsan, focus on applying his/her expertise to field projects and provide technical support to the coordination and field teams in MSF WaCA mission countries, in accordance with MSF policies, guidelines and procedures and in a way that supports the overall operational objectives of the mission.

He/she is based in the Logistics Department but operates on a cross-departmental basis with frequent travel to other relevant departments to ensure close collaboration (e.g. Medico-Operational Department, HR Department, Supply Department, Green Department…).

Main responsibilities

There are two steps to initiating the Flying Wash mission in the field:

1. WaCA, being a new operational center that is being built, has an entirely different need than the traditional COs. In order to set up the basic setups and strategies, the Flying Wash’s mission departure will be defined by the logistics department manager according to the operational challenges and priorities, and in the second step;

2. At the request of the coordination teams and based on the terms of reference established by their Logistics Coordinators,

  • The Flying Watsan will conduct in-country assessments of MSF WaCA operations.
  • He will take the initiative to design and propose global field visit agendas and suggest any relevant changes based on operational needs;

Key responsibilities are:

  • Ensure liaison with the OCB HQ Technical Advisor (as needed) and help define and implement key policies in his/her area of expertise by providing feedback based on his/her experiences.
  • Provide implementation or improvement recommendations for the program and broader operational objectives in accordance with MSF policies, guidelines and procedures. Also ensures implementation.
  • Provide technical support in his/her area of expertise to the Logistics Coordinators in all MSF WaCA missions, when needed.
  • Monitor the implementation of technical projects that have been initiated in his/her area of expertise and in all MSF WaCA missions and conduct, at least once a year, an analysis of the project elements under the Watsan;
    • Develop his/her network and knowledge of local actors in the different MSF WaCA missions and his/her field of expertise (institutions, training centers, suppliers etc. other if relevant)
    • At the request of the training managers, contribute to the definition of the contents generally related to his/her field and assist in the delivery of the sessions
    • Implement all new policies, procedures, and equipment deployment related to his/her field of expertise in MSF WaCA mission countries
    • Draft visit and annual reports
    • If necessary, participate in emergency operations in his/her geographical area.

Specific Responsibilities of the MSF Section/ Context

Special feature of the position:

The Fying at WaCA level, combines the function of the Flying of the other sections with that of the MIO. In other words, he/she defines the strategy, tools and procedures but also implements them in collaboration with the missions. He will provide technical support but also quality assurance during his field visits!

As WaCA’s approach is to have tripartite projects (Community, MoH and MSF), it is important to take into account all its dimensions in the responses to be proposed.

  • Develop the Watsan strategy at WaCA in collaboration with the Logistics Department and the Medical Department
  • To be the link between the medical department and the logistics department both at the level of the missions and the headquarters
  • Support, accompany the missions in defining the country strategy in water Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Support and accompany the Logcos in defining the specific policies of their mission (CSP)
  • Assist and support the Logcos in the definition of Watsan setups (staffing) and help in the identification of profiles (recruitment, on-boarding and training…)
  • Set up a follow-up file of recommendations and implementation to better follow up with the missions
  • Capitalise on all activities that will affect his/her field of competence and responsibility within MSF WaCA

Job requirements

Education / Qualification / Pre-requisites

  • Essential: diploma and specialisation in the field of Watsan

Competencies – Aptitudes / Skills

  • Strategic vision L 2
  • Leadership L2
  • Management and supervision of staff L3
  • Service Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L4

Professional experience required

  • Experience in international NGO field projects required
  • Experience with MSF an asset
  • Significant professional experience required (at least 3 years) in HQ referral positions

Languages skills

  • Fluency required in either English or French and the candidate must be able to communicate professionally in the other.
  • Desired local language

Computer skills

  • Computer literacy


In a dynamic work environment, MSF offers equal recruitment and development opportunities without any form of discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, geographical origin, profile, physical disability or any other discriminatory ground.

Female candidates who meet the requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

N.B.:This job description provides a framework for the main responsibilities and primary activities of the position. It is not exhaustive. Therefore, the responsibilities and activities of the position may differ from those described in this job description due to organizational and operational needs.

Deadline:31/03/2023 AT 18:00 GMT

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.






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