Local recruitment: Impact Communication Officer

The Water Project

Kakamega, Kenya 🇰🇪

As Impact Communication Officer, you’ll spend your days providing unique, individualized, and personalized videos, photos, and stories to connect donors (and soon-to-be donors) with their impact within communities and institutions in need of lasting, clean water.

Your work will amplify the stories of the institutions and communities we partner with, make the amazing work of our teams more visible, and inspire continued support.

This full-time position will be based in Kakamega, Kenya, at The Water Project’s Western Kenya Regional Service Hub and will operate under the direction of The Water Project’s Director of Marketing (USA) and supervision of the Regional Director (Western Kenya).

Who You Are:

  • Personable, energetic, and engaging in your communication.
  • You naturally help people feel comfortable sharing their stories.
  • You have a skill in thoughtfully presenting open-ended interview questions to get people talking.
  • You understand and appreciate that different audiences connect with different types of communication, stories, ways of sharing impact and need.
  • You love helping people understand context, perspective, impact.
  • You are a storyteller. You enjoy crafting unique ways to tell stories, coming from various vantage points.
  • You have a can-do, get-it-done work ethic. You seek excellence in all you do.
  • You are a collaborator. You know that the team you are a part of is important to the overall success of your work.


The Impact Communication Officer will be responsible for:


  • Consistent communication with The Water Project USA to determine short-term, mid-term, and long-term priority work, providing consistent, organized, on-time submission of work.
  • Daily coordination within The Water Project Western Kenya network to schedule community and institution visits.
  • Obtaining proper consent for individuals within each video and/or story.


  • For video work, you will utilize an iPhone and/or an SLR (or similar). In most cases, you will be recording yourself using a tripod or with the assistance of someone else holding the camera.
  • Recording videos featuring you, within the context of a community or institution, referencing specifics about/speaking directly to a specific donor to further their understanding of impact and/or opportunity for impact.
  • Crafting interview videos, directly with community members of various ages or institution leaders, to help share the impact or potential impact of clean water programs within the context of individual lives.
  • Documenting “real-time” activities within our programs to help make more visible the daily work of The Water Project being made possible by supporters.
  • Documenting and interviewing staff and partners as they fulfill their job functions to help supporters better visualize the life-saving work they are making possible.
  • Reinforcing campaigns and other events at The Water Project through video messages, interviews, etc., from Western Kenya.
  • As needed, acting as a real-time English translator to your own interviews or obtained interviews.
  • Developing video journals of specific parts of our WaSH programs.


  • For story work, you will utilize an iPhone and/or an SLR (or similar). You’ll write based on themes, situations, and relationships/people, with a keen focus on helping the scene or person in front of you have their story fully told.
  • A weekly personal reflection, written piece on everything that you saw and experienced for the week – with highlights and challenges you experienced.
  • Longer form interviews/stories/photo journals that help the reader relate more to a specific individual, family, institution, etc.

Required Experience:

  • Experience taking video and photographs with an SLR and iPhone (or similar mobile device).
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Fluent in Swahili and English.
  • Experience with on-the-spot summary of interview content and debriefing.
  • Familiar with the local customs and traditions of Western Kenya.
  • Willingness to travel domestically and regionally in East Africa. The Water Project’s East Africa WaSH programs are in Western Kenya, Southeast Kenya, and Uganda.
  • A valid driver’s license.

Academic Qualifications:

  • A degree in journalism, community development, sociology, or social work is strongly preferred.





IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development