U.S. nationals: Construction Control Inspector

Indian Health Service (IHS)

United States 🇺🇸

This position is with the Office of Environmental Health & Engineering Area, District or Field Office and reports to a Supervisory Engineer. The Construction Control Inspector will assist engineering staff with technical duties related to the construction of design, construction, as-built development of individual and community water supply, wastewater disposal and solid waste disposal facilities.

This position will be located in one of the locations identified and will be responsible for duties such as:

Performing construction inspection and ensure compliance with contracted plans and specification for community and individual water supply.

Observing worksite and work activity to ensure a safe working environment.

Maintaining a daily log of projects and record facts concerning work activity.

Performing surveys for project designs, construction staking and as-builds.

Preparing project reports and spreadsheets to track submittals, quantities installed, construction progress and payments.

Reviewing project plans prior to contract advertisement to determine practicability.

The description of duties indicated above are summarized examples of tasks that will be performed by the position.






IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development