Local recruitment: Earth Science: Water Cycle Extremes and Climate Postdoc

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Greenbelt, MD, USA 🇺🇸

Organization: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Reference Code: 0010-NPP-MAR23-GSFC-EarthSci

Application Deadline: 3/1/2023 6:00:00 PM Eastern Time Zone


This research focuses on better understanding the extreme fluctuations of global and regional atmospheric water cycles and their interactions with the Earth’s surface using NASA Earth science satellite observations, in-situ measurements, modeling including IPCC CMIP model outputs.   Topics include  (1)  statistical analysis of rainfall extreme characteristics (types, frequency and intensity), and associated changes in clouds, moisture and the large scale circulation,   (2) analysis and modeling of extreme events clusters including flash flood,  severe drought, atmospheric rivers, and tropical cyclones, and possible teleconnections among them, and  (3) continental heat wave and prolonged droughts, role of remote forcing vs. local land-atmosphere feedback processes, and (4)  High impact hydroclimate events, including estimation of return interval,  attributions, and feedback processes involving large scale environment and climate variability and change. 

Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

Field of Science:Earth Science

Kyu-Myong Kim

Applications with citizens from Designated Countries will not be accepted at this time, unless they are Legal Permanent Residents of the United States. A complete list of Designated Countries can be found at: https://www.nasa.gov/oiir/export-control.

Eligibility is currently open to:

  • U.S. Citizens;
  • U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR);
  • Foreign Nationals eligible for an Exchange Visitor J-1 visa status; and,
  • Applicants for LPR, asylees, or refugees in the U.S. at the time of application with 1) a valid EAD card and 2) I-485 or I-589 forms in pending status

Eligibility Requirements

  • Degree: Doctoral Degree.





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