San Juan Basin Authority

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The Administrator for the San Juan Basin Authority(“Authority”) and is responsible for all facets of management including, but not limited to, carrying out the Board of Director’s (“Board”) policies, directing Authority operations, budgeting, controlling Authority expenditures and overseeing all programs and activities of the Authority including development of projects. 
This single position reports directly to the Board and works closely with the Authority’s Technical Advisory Group (“TAG”) from the member agencies. The scope of work is highly complex in nature. Incumbent works from general directives or broadly defined missions of the organization as a whole.
This is a contract position, with an annual renewal by the Authority, with the average workload estimated to be 50% of a full-time employee or approximately 1,040 hours annually. The Administrator will not be an employee of the Authority and will not receive benefits such as insurance and pension. Compensation and methodology will be determined by the final contract negotiated with the Authority.  Currently the Administrator of the Authority is also the General Manager of Santa Margarita Water District.  The Authority currently maintains its records at the Santa Margarita Water District; facilities are available for use by the Administrator.
The core functions include administering contracts for monitoring in accordance with existing water rights; coordinating and managing Authority activities concerning streamflow restoration and watershed projects; increasing the understanding of the demands on the watershed’s resources; assimilating, assessing and providing accurate and accessible water resource data and facilitating water supply solutions to ensure long-term sustainability of the watershed’s ecosystems, and quality of life while protecting and enhancing the supply of local water.
This position will also be charged with monitoring, as required, to ensure the Authority’s compliance with the laws governing surface and groundwater resources in the San Juan Watershed. More information about the Authority and its programs may be found at
 Essential Functions:
The following is a non-exclusive list of essential functions:
  • Provides leadership and management including planning, goal setting and evaluating Authority effectiveness
  • Develops and implements Authority projects, policies and procedures as directed by the Board in accordance with statutory, regulatory and other legal requirements
  • Carries out day-to-day operations of the Authority
  • Develops fluid and harmonious relationships with Authority and other agencies staff, Board of Directors, Councils and the public
  • Emphasizes community outreach and education on behalf of the Authority
  • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with the staffs and principals of local cities and special districts as well as the RWQCB, County of Orange, MWD, MWDOC and other stakeholders;
  • Attends monthly Authority Board and TAG meetings and other meetings as required
  • Makes recommendations to the Board regarding policies, procedures and other matters concerning, coming before or directly or indirectly affecting the Authority
  • Prepares, recommends for Board approval, and administers the Authority’s annual budget including maintenance and capital projects; coordination of project development; participates in the negotiations of contracts and administers the contracts once implemented
  • On behalf of the Board of Directors coordinates legal services including review and administration of agreements, contracts and legal opinions
  • Monitoring water use according to the water rights of record and bringing to the attention of the Board of Directors associated variances and recommended actions
  • Assists in resolving matters associated with water distribution, storm water recovery and well construction. This may involve working in the field and requires knowledge of individual water rights, water laws, administrative rules and agency policies
  • Develops and promotes water management and supply programs within the watershed. Requires interaction with State agencies, Federal agencies, local governments, groups, and other stakeholders
  • As directed by the Board of the Authority, researches and applies for various funds, loans and grants
  • Responsible for review, preparation and daily management of claims, memoranda, papers, contracts, agreements, resolutions, ordinances, insurance claims and related procedures in coordination with legal counsel;
  • Ensures compliance and performs negotiations as appropriate regarding permits and regulations, and other documents in coordination with Authority and legal counsel as necessary or advisable. This includes: making flow measurements of canals, streams, rivers, and wells with complex instruments; servicing and maintaining stream gage stations to ensure that the record is complete and accurate; measuring well water levels trends to develop aquifer and to monitor impacts of groundwater use in areas, and working with water users and consultants
  • Coordinates with stakeholders; coordinates and advises the Board concerning legislative bills and federal, state, county, city or other items that may or will affect the Authority
  • Participates in other organizations as applicable
  • Performs additional duties recommended by the TAG and/or approved/assigned by the Board
 Requisite Abilities:

Working knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), water modeling and experience with groundwater monitoring. Thorough knowledge of public administration, including fiscal planning and control, policy and program development and development of water and storm water resources. The ability to manage and prioritize a broad array of managerial, policy, capital, financial and practical issues typically under time constraints. Must possess significant knowledge of general management and supervisory principles and practices as well as sound judgment and leadership skills. Also required are well developed and persuasive verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with divergent groups.

 Additional Information:
Ten (10) years of engineering experience in water flow measurement; collecting and reporting hydrologic data, and knowledge of water storage, irrigation system and water transportation facility design and construction. This experience must show responsibility for 1) researching and analyzing natural resource data or statistics to solve technical problems and 2) applying pertinent laws and regulations to specific agency operations or programs.
A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Engineering, Geology, Hydrology or related field is required. Preference is for a Professional Engineer or a registered geologist.
 Other Requirements:
Ability to travel by automobile to conduct Authority business; communicate in person, in writing, and/or by telephone with Board members, TAG and the public in face-to-face, one-to-one, and group settings; use office equipment such as computer terminals, copiers, and FAX machines; sit for extended periods of time; have hearing and vision within normal ranges; lift and carry 10 pounds; push and pull 10 pounds; sufficient manual dexterity to perform job functions.
Must possess a valid California Driver’s license, and must maintain a driving record acceptable to the Authority and its insurance carrier. Compliance with the foregoing requirements is a condition of initial and continued employment.