Tajikistan nationals: National Water Users Association Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Tajikistan 🇹🇯

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
Development of an asset management plan, strategic planning, operation and maintenance, cost recovery, 
irrigation and drainage modernization and on-farm water management. Climate risk and vulnerability 
assessment and economic and financial analyses of feasibility studies. The consultants will interface 
closely with the feasibility design services.

Scope of Work
Assist the Team Leader and the feasibility design services consultant in managing final deliverables of 
the TA.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
1. Gathering information on water resources conditions and issues (surface and groundwater, water 
quantity and quality, water source conditions, land degradation, etc.) usage, water productivity in the 
Vaksh river basin. Particular focus will be on the lower Vaksh, which is downstream of Nurek hydropower 
2. Assessment of policies and laws relevant to WUAs in Tajikistan and the broader water reform agenda 
and interfaces with other aspects of the TA like gender, etc.;
3. Support international Institutional Development Specialist in assessment of departments and agencies 
involved in managing Tajikistan's I&D and water resources *organogram, unit responsibilities and 
activities, gender disaggregated staffing and technical capacity, water related knowledge and 
information systems, budgets, reporting);
4. Based on national regional and international best practices assess the challenges and opportunities 
of existing WUAs. Recommend suitable approaches for project implementation which will facilitate their 
capacity building, inclusiveness and evolution into entities that can increase agricultural productivity 
and improve cost recovery. Recommendations may include policy and structural enhancement, establishment 
of self-sustaining O&M funds, participatory processes for WUA strengthening etc. capacity building, 
access to agriculture extension services and associated mechanisms, etc.;
5. Close coordination with other relevant specialists (e.g. gender, agronomist, etc.) from the 
feasibility design services team. This is particularly in relation to developing gender targeted 
interventions and improving agricultural productivity; and
6. Contribution to relevant reporting outputs.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The specialist will have a background in irrigation engineering, water resources management or other 
relevant discipline. This will include at least a master's degree and 10 years of experience in field 
work. The specialist will have demonstrable experience with international development agencies in the 
field of WUA strengthening, participatory approaches and institutional strengthening, etc. Prior 
experience with ADB activities is preferred and knowledge of Russian or other Central Asian languages is 
an advantage.