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Terms of Reference for engaging Agency for Developing a Campaign in FY 2023-2024


Established in 1981, WaterAid has its operations in 38 countries worldwide, transforming millions of lives every year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and working in India since 1986. From 2010, WaterAid India (WAI) is registered as Jal Seva Charitable Foundation (JSCF), a not-for-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, and is an associate member of WaterAid International. Across India, WAI’s presence is in 13 states, covering 39 districts. While JSCF’s goal is universal access to WASH, its work is prioritised from the locations of the excluded and most marginalized communities. JSCF works on themes such as drinking water security, sanitation, WASH in health and nutrition, WASH in schools and Menstrual Hygiene Management, in rural areas and in urban locations including census, small and medium towns. JSCF’s head office is located in New Delhi. Each state is managed through state offices. State offices are located in Lucknow, Patna, Raipur, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Apart from its own programs, JSCF’s work also focuses on WASH policy and advocacy, both at national and state levels.

JSCF intends to hire ICFR Auditors having prior experience in the same field to conduct ICFR audit for FY 2022 – 23.

About the project

Saamuhika Shakti is a collective impact initiative, the first of its kind in India, where seven implementing organisations have joined forces to enable waste pickers to have greater agency to lead secure and dignified lives, with a specific focus on gender and equity. This project is initiated and supported by the H&M Foundation, and The/Nudge Institute serves as the backbone.

WaterAid India focuses on ‘providing access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation for waste picker communities by building awareness, creating evidence of exclusion and liaising with the government.

WaterAid India recognises that providing just physical infrastructure – toilets, water tanks and taps – is not enough. It needs to be combined with listening to what the community wants – for instance, preference for Indian-style toilets over western-style ones – and working with them to build, operate and maintain this infrastructure. Our intervention also includes raising awareness on hygiene practices such as washing hands, and on working against period taboos in the communities.

Title: “WASH your way to wellness”, a behaviour change campaign to bring about a change in behaviour and attitude towards WASH.


  • To increase awareness on key hygiene messages 
  • To increase adoption of hygiene practices amongst community members


The following deliverables for the consultancy are required:

Design of the visual identity/concept of the campaign: The visual identity needs to be prepared in all formats (.pdf, .psd, .ai, .doc) for print, web, and social media use. The final campaign identity and accompanying messages should be developed in consultation with WAI.

Campaign strategy: The supplier will design a campaign plan which includes type of media (to be approved by WAI prior to the campaign launch, including the text, infographics, videos) should be developed and designed for the campaign on the following topics:

Water and Hygiene –

  • Safe handling and storage of water
  • Critical times of hand washing (including during menstrual hygiene management (MHM))
  • 6-steps of handwashing

Sanitation –

  • Use of toilets
  • Safe disposal of child faeces

In line with the above-mentioned points a and b, sustainability and community accountability need to be at the root of messaging

Menstrual Hygiene Management –

  • Demystifying taboos
  • Menstrual Hygiene
  • Safe disposal of used absorbents

*Note: WaterAid does not promote the use of any single particular type of menstrual absorbent.

Produce audio-visual products/animated videos: The service provider will be expected to adapt the products for the appropriate communications channels and maximize impact of the key messages to the targeted audiences by producing relevant audio video clips.

  • The service provider is expected to lead on the creative design and production process in consultation with WAI. They are expected to be able to create a strong storyline with minimum guidance which explains the topics in a simple and understandable manner
  • The service provider needs to share the launch ready video, as well as the raw files/ open files/ source files

Design of various types of promotional materials for key messages (to be determined) (the service provider will be responsible for the content, graphic design, translation, and layout of the material after WAI’s approval including indexing and printing instructions.

  • Leaflets
  • Posters for key messages
  • Stickers/Danglers
  • Leave Behinds
  • Flipcharts

Inclusion & Visibility: The service provider will include WAI & the donor’s logo (to be provided) on all the deliverables mentioned above. The infographics created, designed, and published should include characters from both genders, different ages, race, and persons with a disability.

Timing and Duration  

Preparatory work on campaign and deliverable should be delivered and finalized in accordance with the schedule below. Draft version of the campaign plan and content shall be presented and approved by WAI before any handover. The campaign will run for three months, from May to July 2023. The timetable of detailed activities will be agreed with the selected service provider, upon the initiation of the procurement process.

Sl.No.DeliverablesTentative DateProposed Date
1Contract starts The successful bidder will in consultation with WAI start to develop the campaign strategy and plan, visual identity, design/layout of the content of the social media posts and print material, animation video, etc.27-February-2023 
2Initiation meeting and submission of  draft plan10-March-2023 
3Submission of first draft of all collaterals20 March 2023 
4Training of field staff on campaign deployment24-March-2023 
4Final print and launch ready collaterals and videos, and raw files/source files/ open files to be shared with WAI30 March 2023 

Terms of payment:

  • 20% Advance payment upon signing of the Agreement.
  • 30% upon completion of the first meeting and submission of draft plan.
  • 30% upon submission of first draft of all collaterals
  • 20% upon completion of training of field staff on campaign deployment and submission of final cut of the collaterals and animation video, post all edits.

Role of JSCF

  • Provide key messages to be targeted
  • Share existing IECs to avoid duplicity of collaterals

Mandatory –

  • Abide by WaterAid India’s brand guidelines
  • Consent to be obtained from all speakers prior to the shoot
  • Follow WAI’s Child Protection Policy and Ethical Policy
  • Detailed captions and descriptions should accompany each photograph and shared with WAI.
  • The raw files / open files / source files of all content should be shared with WAI after the documentation is complete over shared drive.


By virtue of this assignment the audit team / firm might gain access to some sensitive information on date. The auditors are required to maintain utmost confidentiality of the matter and undertakes not to divulge such information or documents to anyone other than the contracting party / authority without prior consent of JSCF. This condition shall survive beyond Contract period.

Above terms of reference may be amended anytime as per mutual discussion between the Parties. 

Interested service providers are required to submit their complete proposal along with all terms and conditions to WAIProcurementBengaluru@wateraid.org by 23rd February 2023 which should necessarily include:

  1. Profile of the organisation, filled in the attached template.
  2. Financial bid, comprising of a detailed budget, including taxes.

Please feel free to reach out to us on the above-mentioned Email address in case you require any clarification.

Submission of Expression of Interest -EOI

Requested to kindly submit your Expression of Interest – EOI at the email address given below within 7 days. Do share previous work for reference.

Email Id: WAIProcurementBengaluru@wateraid.org

Job Email id: WAIProcurementBengaluru(at)wateraid.org




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