U.S. nationals: Civil Engineer (Hydrologic) - GS-0810-11

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Denver, CO, USA 🇺🇸

The Reclamation Technical Service Center Groups, Applied Hydrology 1 & 2, focus on collaborative and innovative high-quality products and services supporting environmentally and economically sound water resource decisions. The groups include civil engineers and scientists focusing on solving complex and controversial water resource problems. Some focus areas include Weather and Climate, Hydrologic and Operations Modeling, Extreme Events (e.g., Flood Hydrology, Drought), and Water Quality.

-Performs engineering analyses such as performing and/or coordinating technical planning activities; data collection, water resources analyses, and/or modeling related to water resources. Develops data management and simulation automation software using a variety of programming methods.

-Identifies and assesses data appropriate for design development and water resources engineering assignments. Identifies and assesses data appropriate for design development and water resources engineering assignments.

-Applies standard and/or new concepts, hypotheses, and techniques and/or modifies or extends emerging techniques in water resources engineering. Provides water resource engineering expertise. Gives technical guidance, training, and advice to lower graded employees and internal and external stakeholders. Gathers the appropriate data for input into the system, and assesses, interprets, and analyzes the validity of the generated results.

-Manages, conducts, and coordinates hydroclimate data analysis, hydrologic modeling and studies, climate projection downscaling activities, simulations under climate change conditions, flood hazard analyses, and/or operations modeling for water resources engineering studies. Analyzes and calculates flow characteristics and frequency, and/or evaluates facility or waterway capacities and operations. Develops and applies appropriate methodologies for water resources studies (e.g., stochastic hydrology investigations, flow frequency relationships, precipitation and hydrologic extremes). Assesses, develops, enhances, and applies complex computerized numerical, mathematical and/or statistical models used in water and related resources.

-Prepares technical documentation and reports for water resource engineering studies.

-Communicates effectively with all levels and types of organizations and audiences. Provides presentations and technical communication to team members, clients, and other agencies.

-Develops, monitors, and manages project plans that outline the scope, schedule, and budget of assigned projects. Identifies and addresses issues prior to adverse impacts to the schedule and budget.






IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development