Provision of External Evaluation Services for WASH Core Competency via ReliefWeb

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Yemen 🇾🇪

NRC Yemen Programme is commissioning an evaluation of its Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) strategy and projects implemented in the country between 2017 to 2019. The evaluation will look at all activities funded by different institutional donors throughout the period. The evaluation will be used by country level programme development and management units, and the regional office programme department to revise the WASH strategy as needed. The evaluation specific objectives are to;

  • Assess effectiveness, relevance and efficiency of WASH interventions with a view to strengthening NRC’s WASH programming in Yemen, both in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. This would help ensure that the country programme invests its resources appropriately to meet WASH needs and remains relevant.
  • To look at the extent our WASH strategies and projects have been relevant to beneficiaries’ needs in the country and are aligned with NRC global and Yemen WASH strategy as well as cluster strategy, including Yemen Humanitarian Plan (HRP) and related projects
  • To look at NRC internal capacity to implement, highlighting how and where the country programme can be better prepared to respond to WASH needs during crisis and outbreaks in NRC’s targeted locations
  • Enhance NRC’s accountability to its target groups and donors by regularly examining NRC performance, suggesting improvement as needed.
  • Identify the WASH Core Competency’s specific role in strengthening resilience towards durable solutions in target communities, bearing In mind NRC focus on conflict displacement
  • Identify WASH core competency’s main role and purpose in addressing WASH needs and opportunities as part of integrated programming, which is a key focus for NRC
  • Examine changes in the WASH Macro log frame and their appropriateness to address changing context.
  • Highlight best program practices in use as well as shortcomings that require attention, with a view to improving NRC’s WASH programme design, delivery, and monitoring in Yemen.
  • Strengthen organization learning by drawing on past assessment evaluations to improve organizational approaches, strategy and policy.
  • Detailed Evaluation ToR can be found here
How to apply:

Application Deadline: December 1, 2019

Offers should clearly include the following:

  • Technical proposal – Outlining evaluation framework and methods specific to the evaluation, including comments on the TOR, proposed time frame and work plan (Technical proposals over 4 pages will be automatically excluded
  • Financial proposal – Detailed evaluation budget inclusive of net price per day
  • Capacity & Relevance – Extend of evaluation experience in terms of number of similar consultancies in WASH, years of experience, variety of evaluation experience of the consultants. Extend of WASH experience and knowledge of the context of the evaluation team.
  • Company registration and proof of payment of tax to – the relevant authority.
  • CVs and documented experience & references from other similar transactions.
  • Financial statement documents.
  • Validity of offer and confirmed delivery period
  • Inclusive net price for each day.

Dully completed bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Norwegian Refugee Council Offices.

  • Country office: – Haddah Zone – Behind Al-Fakher Restaurant – Off Ex World Bank Office. Tel: 01 425447 by December 01st 2019 before 3:00 pm.
  • NRC Aden office location: Al Insha’at Villas – Behind Taybah hotel – 90 St, – Dar Sa’ad – Aden – Yemen by December 01st 2019 before 3:00 pm.
  • NRC Taiz-Al Turbah office location: Alkedash area, Alturbah –Taiz-Yemen. by December 01st 2019 before 3:00 pm.
  • Other countries – Applicants from other countries can submit their applications via email at [email protected]

NRC is not bound to accept any application or give reasons for rejection or acceptance.