Wastewater Process Engineer/Team Leader

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Uzbekistan 🇺🇿

Expertise: Project Manager/Wastewater Process Engineer
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: Project Manager/Wastewater Process Engineer

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Proposed project. The project will develop an integrated wastewater management system in six cities, one
urban center, and 70 rural settlements in three districts in Tashkent Province. It will provide
inclusive access to centralized sewerage to more than 800,000 people in urban areas, and access to
decentralized sanitation systems to 136,000 people in rural areas. The project will also help establish
TST as a model utility for replication in other provinces.

The main outputs are:

Output 1: Inclusive urban and rural sanitation systems with climate-resilient features developed. This
output includes: (i) centralized urban wastewater systems in the six cities of Akhangaran, Almalyk,
Angren, Bekabod,Chirchik, and Yangiyul and Chinaz urban center improved, by (a) rehabilitating and
upgrading of four WWTPs, and constructing of one new WWTP, with a combined capacity of 392,000 cubic
meters (m3/day); (b) rehabilitating and constructing 114 kilometers of sewerage collectors and 238
kilometers of sewerage networks with new sewer connections; and (c) installing 50,000 water meters and
1,028 bulk water meters; and (ii) decentralized wastewater systems in 70 rural settlements in Chinaz,
Yangiyul and Zangiota districts established by: (a) installing 23,500 individual septic tank systems;
(b) providing O&M equipment; (c) operationalizing TST fecal sludge management unit;
(d) formulating fecal sludge management program to rationalize and expand septage collection and
disposal services; and (e) implementing a public WASH+H awareness program.

Output 2: Institutional capacity for sustainable sanitation services delivery strengthened. This output
includes capacity development of Tashkent Suvtaminot (TST) through corporate development training and
coaching in business planning; corporate governance; asset management; human resource management,
including gender policies and sensitization training, financial management, customer relationship
management, technical wastewater management, O&M management, and environmental monitoring. In addition,
treatment plant managers and O&M operators in the project areas will receive training provided by design-
build contractors

Scope of Work

The international Wastewater Process Engineer/Project Manager will take the lead, in coordination with
other technical experts, on all technical aspects of reviewing the dimensioning, drawing and specifying
the wastewater treatment systems to be designed by Design and Build contractors. He/she will be
supported by the national wastewater engineer and will work in coordination with other experts.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The expert will recommend the technical solutions for wastewater water treatment plants in Bekabad,
Almalyk, Angren; extension of WWTP capacity in Chinaz city and rehabilitation of WWTP in Chirchik city.
Project Manager will be responsible for the following tasks:

(i) Coordinate, participate in the preparation of, and oversee the conduct of all reviews (preliminary
and detailed designs), surveys and investigations of the proposed WWTS facilities (by the D&B
(ii) ensure that standards and procedures adopted for the preliminary and detailed designs conform with
national norms and international standards as required;
(iii) review the project technical assessment regarding capacity (current and planned), demand (current
and projected) and service quality, and identifying issues, constraints for the selected cities/WWTPs;
(iv) review the technical dimensioning and specification of technical options regarding the
rehabilitation, upgrading and/or new centralized wastewater treatment and disposal systems for the
selected cities;
(v) with the assistance of the national wastewater engineer, electrical and mechanical engineers:
• review the preliminary design, cost estimates and specifications for the WWTS including the WWTP,
pumping stations and collectors in accordance with agreed standards and regulations including
environmental standards;
• review the detailed design calculations, drawings, quantity reports, and cost estimates prepared by
the D&B contractors and ensure compliance with standards and regulations;
(vi) liaise with and support the other members of the team to assess the cost (investment and operation)
of the proposed options for the WWTPs;
(vii) discuss with D&B contractors suitable management and capacity development options for the proposed
investment and their sustainable operation;
(viii) support the environmental and social safeguard assessment from the technical solution
perspective; and
(ix) advise cities on relevant international good practice in sewerage and sanitation.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The Wastewater Treatment Process Engineer /Team Leader (international, 3 person-months) will be a senior
expert with a degree in civil, sanitation or environmental engineering, or related field and at least 15
years of work experience in experience in the whole project cycle of Water, Wastewater and Wastewater
Treatment Plants in international and/or local projects, from concept design, feasibility study,
detailed design, supervision of construction and technical verification. The Expert must have also the
skills to prepare the Bill of Quantity and Cost estimates of the designed works and the tender documents

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years





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