India nationals: Irrigation Planning & Design Engineer for SIMP-Phase 2

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

India 🇮🇳

Expertise: irrigation,
Expertise Group: Agriculture/Rural Development

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: irrigation, irrigation planning and design engineer

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Support for Irrigation Modernization Program–Phase 2 Consultants team (consultants) will: (i)
prepare irrigation modernization plans (IMPs) for at least four major and medium irrigation (MMI)
schemes (subprojects) in four states (Haryana, Karnataka, Maharahstra, and Rajasthan); and (ii) initiate
knowledge and awareness programs and study tours activities. The consultants will comprise a mix of 2
international and 8 national experts. Subject to time and resources, the consultants may also be asked
to (i) include an additional two subprojects (Purna, and Chambal); and (ii) undertake additional studies
on the state’s water resources and irrigation sector, as requested by ADB and in consultation with the
Central Water Commission (CWC), Department of Water Resources (DoWR), and the participating state

The consultants will coordinate with and use the information and data provided by the Central Irrigation
Modernization Office (CIMO) and the State Irrigation Modernization Units (SIMUs). Extensive consultation
is needed to ensure full ownership of the processes and outputs by both CWC, DoWR River Development and
Ganga Rejuvenation (RD&GR) and the participating state governments. The key studies required in the
preparation of the modernization plan and the flow chart for the process are provided in the attached
Annex 1 and the SIMP Phase 1 final reports are available on request to ADB. Detailed explanations of the
work required for each of these studies are provided in SIMP Phase 1 Final Report, Volume II Section 2I
– studies, investigations, and schedule for the first batch of irrigation modernization plans. The
consultants are to review the guidance material and advise on recommended adjustments, as needed, to
meet the requirements of this assignment and the states’ objectives for the subprojects.

Scope of Work

The national Irrigation Planning and Design Engineer will report to the Team Leader and will work with
the international Irrigation Planning and Design Engineer to provide leadership in the engineering
options and choices for scheme modernization. This will relate to modernization options and choices to
be made at all levels, from the headworks through to field and drainage system. The options and choices
will include measures to improve the efficiency and productivity of groundwater use within the
irrigation command, including measures for conjunctive use with surface water.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

  1. Support the International Planning & Design Engineer in converting modernization options resulting
    from the RAP/MASSCOTE FAO approach exercises into consistent technical proposals.
  2. Support the international Planning & Design Engineer in carrying out technical studies and analysis
    related to the current status and for engineering options for scheme modernization for each subproject.
  3. Support the international Planning & Design Engineer in identifying and preparing proposals for
    improved water management for each subproject.
  4. Support the international Planning & Design Engineer in recommending options for preliminary
    modernization plans for each subproject to respective participating state SIMU/WRD and CIMO for review
    and comment.
  5. Support the international Planning & Design Engineer in finalizing irrigation modernization plans for
    each subproject based on review and comments received from the respective participating state SIMU/WRD
    and CIMO.
  6. Contribute to planning and conducting an inception workshop with CIMO/SIMU, a workshop on each draft
    IMP with respective participating state SIMU and a workshop on draft final TA outputs with CIMO/SIMU.
  7. Support the international Planning & Design Engineer in designing and conducting a training program
    on modern approaches to irrigation planning and design for CIMO/SIMU staff and WRD staff of other
    interested states.
  8. Support the Team Leader in liaising with CIMO/CWC, SIMU/state WRD and ADB on implementation of the TA
    activities and in preparing and submitting Inception, Interim, progress and final reports.
  9. Contribute in specialist areas to the preparation of guidelines/manual for MMI modernization under
    SIMP to be published as a CWC Technical Note.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The specialist will preferrably have post-graduate degree in irrigation engineering or similar with at
least 10 years of experience in irrigation planning and design.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years





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