Shelter and WASH Officer

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine 🇺🇦


All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity, and accountability. These attitudes and beliefs shall guide our actions and relationships.1. Role and responsibilities  

NRC South Ukraine mission is planning and implementing a number of shelters and wash-related activities which will enable IDPs and local communities to sustain during the ongoing crisis and plan their new future. For this NRC is expanding its shelter/Wash (SW) team to ensure on-time and high-quality SW interventions and building up a human resource capacity to scale up such activities in line with identified needs and response strategies. The SW Officer will be reporting to the Shelter team leader and work with the broader program team.

Generic Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor and report on the project activities and ensure compliance with plans and NRC standards 
  2. Mobilize communities and community leaders for the building materials, construction activities and maintenance of structures
  3. Actively engage to identify needs and provide ideas to improve activities 
  4. Administrate payment requests for owners, contractors, partners, suppliers, construction workers etc.
  5. Report all technical related concerns
  6. Carry out data collection as required 
  7. Prepare and file relevant documents according to procedures

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Conduct technical assessments of housing rehabilitation and upgrades, destroyed buildings, schools, etc… in line with NRC’s project criteria, in order to support assessments and any other shelter intervention
  • fulfill tasks assigned by the line manager related to the implementation of projects including properties selection, meeting with refugee and host communities, assessments, monitoring, distribution, etc. 
  • Produce accurate drawings, reports, measurements (BoQs) and/or photographs as evidence of a technical assessment. 
  • Act responsibly and communicates respectfully with homeowners to collect the required information for the projects and communicate with respect to NRC’s criteria
  • Ensure the appropriate documentation is for each and every step of the project such as preparing contracts and subsequent payments. 
  • Fulfill daily and weekly activities of SFAs in relation to rapid technical assessments and all technical annexes of BoQs production, revision, and approval duplication 
  • Supervision of work
  • Follow-up of troublesome cases
  • Ensuring closure of work by the anticipated date
  • Response to and follow up on referred cases

Critical interfaces:
By interfaces, NRC means processes and projects that are interlinked with other
departments/units or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are:
• Area Managers, Area Programme Manager, Programme team development managers,
• Local implementing partners in Southern Ukraine.
• M&E manager.
• Local authorities

2. Competencies
Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organisation to deliver
desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two

1. Professional competencies
Generic professional competencies for this position:
• Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience with NGOs, charities, humanitarian work or
similar organisations
• Knowledge of the NGO operations and the dynamics of the humanitarian sector is a plus
• Engineering or relevant degree
Context related skills, knowledge and experience
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Strong organizational and team work skills
• Very good English language proficiency
• Solid experience in assessments, surveying and reporting
• Excellent communication and report writing skills (oral and written)
• Strong computer skills (CAD, Word, Excel, Power point)

2. Behavioural competencies
• Good cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Highly approachable, trustworthy and confidential
• Delivering working tasks in a structured and professional manner, according to a daily
activity plan
• Meeting deadlines
• Adhering to the NRC standards, policies, and guidelines
• Adapting and coping to change
• Communicate effectively and respectfully
• To act respectfully and guide building owners to give clear and accurate description of
the household’s current and past situation
• Make sure that NRC criteria is well communicated to all landlords and beneficiaries





IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development