2023 GWP Spring Internship: Innovation in Water Management

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪


2023 GWP Spring Internship: Innovation in Water Management

Dates: Flexible start date in March, 4 months minimum extendable up to 6 months (6 months strongly preferred) 


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network with over 3,000 Partner organizations in 183 countries. Founded in 1996, the network has 65 Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships. GWP’s vision is a water secure world. To realize this vision GWP supports countries to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development. This is pursued by promoting Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), a cross-sectorial policy approach designed to replace the traditional, fragmented sectoral approach that has led to poor services and unsustainable resource use. As a means to achieve long-term impact towards water security, GWP seeks to influence water governance processes through the promotion of IWRM principles. Policy development, strategic planning, legislative change, investment planning and transboundary agreements are examples of such processes and it is here that GWP actively contributes both inside and outside the ‘water box’ at the global, regional, national and subnational levels. 

The GWP Secretariat supports Regional Water Partnerships and Country Water Partnerships to carry out their work programmes, as well as to facilitate knowledge sharing across countries and regions. This support is delivered in the context of GWP’s three anchor areas within the GWP Strategy 2020-2025: 

1. Water Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals 
2. Climate Resilience through Water 
3. Transboundary Water Cooperation 

This internship offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in sustainable development and water governance to gain exposure to the operations of a network organization that extends from the global level to regional and national levels. 

Short Description of the Internship:     

The selected candidate will provide support in research, thought leadership and stakeholder engagement with partner organisations and donors in the operationalisation of GWP’s innovation agenda, focusing on water security and net zero. The innovation agenda has taken the shape of six “laser beams” focusing on particular areas of potential high impact for GWP, and the intern’s time should be spent both on advancing the broader innovation agenda and on operationalising the individual laser beams.   

The six laser beams are as follows: 

1. LB#0: Creating winners, not just picking them (mentoring future leaders); 

2. LB#1: Facilitate to Innovate, and Discoveration – Facilitation – Innovation (how to scale up Water Change Makers); 

3. LB#2: IWRM 1.5 (net zero through water); 

4. LB#3: Integrated Water Security Open Program; 

5. LB#4: GWP as a spotter of businesses and accelerator of spreading data solutions globally; 

6. LB#5: De-Risking Investment Facility to Enhance Water Security. 


Main Tasks   

  • Provide operational support to the leads of each of the six innovation “laser beams”, in seeking implementation opportunities related to those laser beams throughout the GWP network  
  • Support on potential partnership and resource mobilization opportunities, both for the broader innovation agenda and for the individual laser beams, in particular through reviewing concept notes, project proposals, pitches, presentations, and other related outreach material  
  • Support the review and analysis process for GWP regions requesting funding from the innovation seed fund  
  • Take part in the meetings related to GWP’s Innovation Agenda with internal and external stakeholders, preparing the contents as appropriate, note-taking and facilitating follow up on decisions  
  • Any related ad-hoc task in support of the innovation agenda  


Desired qualifications for this internship include:   

  • Background in natural sciences, water resources management, water policy, sustainable development, communication or related fields, and an international perspective  
  • Excellent spoken and written English a must. Knowledge of French and Spanish would be highly valued.  
  • Knowledge of environmental/water issues in the context of innovation  
  • Knowledge/familiarity with resource mobilization  
  • Good analytical skills    
  • Good organizational skills   
  • Good interpersonal and multi-cultural communication skills   
  • Demonstrated writing skills  

Please, familiarize yourself with the full description and requirements of an internship with GWPO here: https://www.gwp.org/en/About/more/Vacancies-and-Internships/

Application Procedure 

Interested candidates should submit their applications through the application tracking system latest by 11:59PM CET on 03 February 2023.

Applications should include the following:

  • Cover Letter with an introduction of the applicant
  • Resume/CV
  • Available start date

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview, by February 2023. Questions can be addressed to internship@gwp.org  (applications are not accepted via e-mail).

Please note: 

  • Interns accepted to this programme must be either enrolled in an educational programme at the time of application or recently graduated within 6 months of the application deadline.
  • Interns will be part of the GWP Internship Programme, which has been established to provide opportunities for young professionals to achieve meaningful work experience in a field related to their area of study while gaining insight into the activities of a global water organisation.
  • In addition to completing work tasks detailed in the Terms of Reference, this Programme creates spaces for networking with various stakeholders in the water community, connecting with the wider GWP staff, and developing relevant workplace skill sets. 

A stipend may be offered to interns to support the intern’s needs to meet subsistence costs and living expenses incurred during the time of their internship. GWP will offer no remuneration or any other financial support to meet expenses for travel to and within Stockholm, health/accident insurance, or related costs.  This stipend will be dependent on funds available. 




IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development