Local recruitment: Strategy and Programs Lead


Kampala, Uganda 🇺🇬

InfoNile.org is a collaborative cross-border group of geo journalists with a mission to uncover critical stories on water and environment in the Nile River Basin of Africa through data-based multimedia storytelling. We were founded in 2017 as an initiative of Water Journalists Africa, the largest network of water journalists on the African continent.

InfoNile Strategy and Programs Lead Job Description:

InfoNile is seeking a skilled Programs and Strategy Lead based in Uganda to lead InfoNile strategic development and manage InfoNile programs working with journalists across the Nile Basin countries. Tasks will include developing strategies, writing grants and sourcing for resources for the organization; and managing the InfoNile data and science journalism training programs and story grant programs for journalists. This is a managerial-level position based in Kampala, Uganda.


  • Secure partnerships with organizations to mobilize funds to support InfoNile programs.
  • Write grant proposals, pitches and concept notes to mobilize funds and gain new partnerships.
  • Maintain current partnerships including producing regular proposals, reports and communications to funders.
  • Lead on the development of the InfoNile strategic plan.
  • Market InfoNile services and secure partnerships with media houses, organizations and journalists in the region – to share content, join the network, and obtain clients and business opportunities.
  • Develop programs and supervise the Programs team to coordinate all InfoNile programs, including trainings for journalists and story grant programs – from strategic ideation stage to managing logistics and necessary accountabilities, for instance, of inter-country workshops, and develop ideas for new programs in accordance with the strategic plan;
  • Supervise the development of a new online web portal connecting journalists and scientists (NileWell) including managing the development of online training modules and helping manage the platform;
  • Provide high-level supervision and review of key communications activities;
  • Manage the creation of in-depth multimedia data journalism projects involving journalists in different countries;
  • Support in conducting data and science journalism trainings;  
  • Support in journalistic editing of stories produced by InfoNile journalists and grantees;
  • Supervise the development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation strategies to track the reach and impact of programs
    • Work with the M&E Officer, Programs Officer and the Directors to develop a comprehensive M&E plan and systems
    • Create and implement relevant tools such as surveys and other strategies to measure impact 
    • Supervise the development of databases of contacts, program participants, stories published through grants, etc.
    • Supervise the analysis of data and reporting on Key Performance Indicators
  • Prepare internal and external programs reports incorporating analysis from evaluations with support from the Programs and M&E Officers


  • Residency in Uganda
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field; Master’s degree preferred 
  • At least three years’ experience coordinating programs for NGOs (preferred)
  • Experience developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems (preferred)
  • Experience developing programs 
  • Experience writing grant proposals 
  • Experience analysing and visualising data and science especially in water and environmental fields (preferred)
  • Broad and diverse networks with media houses and journalists in your country/region (preferred)
  • Knowledge, experience and interest in issues of water and the environment in the Nile Basin
  • Experience working in/with journalists and the media 
  • Be a strong self-starter and able to work independently and with self-initiative
  • Detail-oriented and strong critical thinking skills 
  • Basic skills in data analysis and statistics
  • Visionary and strategic thinking skills
  • Strong communications and writing skills
  • Fluency in English
  • Fluency in at least one other Nile Basin language (Swahili, French, Arabic, Amharic, Kinyarwanda) (preferred)

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying to this position, please send a cover letter (max 1 page) and your CV via email to:  info@infonile.org by 10th February 2023.

NB: Tentative starting date is March 2023.





IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development