Nepal nationals: Hydro-meteorological Observation Expert

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: Hydro-meteorological Observation Expert
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: hydrometeorology, flood forecasting and early warning system, Priority River Basins Flood Risk Management Project, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The transaction technical assistance (TRTA) assignment supports the government to implement the Priority
River Basins Flood Risk Management Project in the aspects of flood risk management and asset
management. The TRTA will: (i) build capacity of Department of Water Resources and Irrigation,
provincial governments and local governments (municipalities) in prioritizing flood protection works;
(ii) develop and operationalize the asset management information system using geographic information
system (GIS), for flood protection infrastructure to improve monitoring, evaluation and maintenance; and
(iii) support the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) to develop the flood forecasting and
early warning system (FFEWS) for priority basins (this last task of the TRTA will be completed by a
separate consultancy service).
The main objective of this consultancy assignment is to provide comprehensive technical support to DHM
related to the FFEWS.

Scope of Work

The specialist will provide comprehensive technical support to DHM for the installation and maintenance
of the real time observation systems.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

(i) Working under the guidance of the international FFEWS specialist, provide support to DHM in
supervision and quality control of the real time hydro-met observation network in the priority river
(ii) Support DHM in ensuring that the supplier and installer provides the specified equipment in time
and installs at the specified locations;
(iii) Support DHM in ensuring that quality and timely real time data are received in time as required by
the FFEWS;
(iv) Support DHM in ensuring that the established observation network is maintained as required and the
installer has developed an acceptable operation and maintenance plan including the provision of spares.
(v) Supervise pre and post database management for hydrological and hydrodynamic models by
a. Synchronization of various data formats in point or grid form to appropriate format
b. Develop weather generator or similar tools to fill up gaps in the input data.
c. Work on interpolation and comparison tools for weather and hydrological data that can be used as
input for rainfall runoff model to develop semidistributive model and in 1d2d hydraulic models.
(vi) Suggest verification tools for weather and hydrological forecasts as required by FFEWS document for

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The specialist will have at least a master’s degree in hydrology or hydraulic engineering or similar.
He/she will have 8 years of general experience and preferably 5 years of experience working on
meteorological and hydrological observation and flood forecasting early warning systems. He/she will
have knowledge and experience in real time hydro-met observation systems, data collection and database management. The specialist will have working experience with international financing institutions or consulting companies and will be fluent in English. Knowledge of the water resources of Nepal is required.

Minimum General Experience: 8 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years





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