Nature-Based Solutions Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The project is part of a broader regional knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) named “Building Coastal Resilience Through Nature Based and Integrated Solutions”. The project will support Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ADB Transaction Technical Assistance (TRTA) consultants in (i) reviewing Nature Based Solutions (NBS) applications of for Flood Risk Management (FRM) subprojects proposed for financing under the Flood Management and Coastal Protection in North Java (FMCPNJP) in two river basins (Seluna and Cimanuk Cisanggarung); and (ii) advising on the upgrading of the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) guidelines for river works of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), Indonesia. The FRM subprojects are being prepared by the Project Preparation Consultants (PPCs) engaged under Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery through Better Engineering Services Project (ESP) and presented in the Master Plan (MP) and DED reports of the PPCs.

Scope of Work

ADB is seeking the services of an International Nature-based Solutions Specialist to conduct (i) high quality review, provide technical advice and guidance to improve those DEDs, (ii) submit a summary evaluation report to ADB to present outcomes of review for the NBS applications documented in the DED reports of PPCs; (iii) submit recommendations to upgrade DED guidelines towards more NBS for river works. With particular reference to COVID-19, any need for international and national travel shall be assessed by ADB and the Consultant using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to ADB’s approval, the Consultant may use remote video technology meetings to replace face-to-face meetings as considered necessary.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Detailed tasks of this expert are as follows: 1. Review inputs of PPCs for the NBS applications presented in the DED reports by considering NBS programs proposed by the National Agencies , and international best practices as documented in ADB and ADB-TRTA guidance documents. 2. Assess technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the proposed NBS applications presented in the PPC DED reports, and their integration/linkage with other conventional FRM subprojects with NBS components in the respective river basins. 3. Prepare a summary report to advice implementation and operation and maintenance (O&M) practices for NBS applications. 4. Discuss main outcomes with ADB and DGWR. 5. Prepare an evaluation report with conclusions, recommendations, and gap analysis of NBS applications. 6. Coordinate with national stakeholders on the finalization of the design for NBS applications to be integrated into the project design. 7. Prepare recommendations to upgrade DED guidelines towards more NBS for river works

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The specialist must have a Master’s degree in Environmental Management, Civil Engineering, Earth sciences, or other relevant degree; and at least 6 years relevant working experience in nature-based solutions/green infrastructure, ecosystem services, environmental sustainability or related fields, with development projects in the region, with donor organizations, host governments, and in preparing proposals and technical reports. He/She should have a deep understanding of international best practices for nature-based solutions/green infrastructure related to flood risk management. Country and regional experience in similar projects would be an advantage. Excellent written communication skills in English (of publication standard) and ability to produce accurate and concise reports are desirable.
Minimum General Experience12YearsMinimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)10Years