Researcher for the analysis of High-Mountain Natural Hazards in South Tyrol (north-eastern Italian Alps) in the context of Climate Change

Eurac Research Institute for Earth Observation

Bozen, Italy 🇮🇹

Institute for Earth Observation

Short description of the position

Eurac Research is an interdisciplinary research centre located in Bolzano, Italy. At the institute for Earth Observation, we integrate remote sensing techniques with interdisciplinary approaches to monitor and to understand key environmental dynamics in mountain regions and related climate and disaster risks. Within the framework of the PNRR iNEST (Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem) project, we are looking for a post-doc researcher to improve the monitoring and understanding of key Natural Hazards (e.g., mass movements, glacier hazards), their interrelations and associated trends in the context of Climate Change (CC) in the high-altitude areas of South Tyrol. For instance, permafrost and glacier retreats are associated with changes in sediment availability and slope hydrology, while increasing temperatures and emerging precipitation regimes may favour the generation of glacial lakes with hazardous outburst potential. This post-doc position is fully compliant with the Research Topic 1 (RT1 -Safety and quality of life in mountain environments) of Spoke 1 (Ecosystems for Mountain Innovation) of the PNRR-iNEST Consortium.

For South Tyrol, regional-scale quantitative assessments of how the natural hazards and associated risks may change due to CC are sparse and often very localized and specific. Based on a review of available data (including, e.g., multi-temporal optical and SAR observations as well as hydrometeorological observations) and through a transdisciplinary collaboration with  other Eurac researchers, the candidate will design, implement, and complete a 3-year activity plan to identify and characterize the most relevant Natural Hazards in the high-mountain terrain of South Tyrol, their evolution in space and time (e.g., movement rates, occurrence rates, trend analyses), their linkage to meteorological drivers (e.g., preparatory and triggering factors) and their future evolution under CC (e.g., via climate storyline approach). Collaboration with members of the Earth Observation institute will further allow to link the results on hazards to potentially exposed assets.


  • Design, implementation and management of the 3-year sub-project in the context of iNEST project (see above), fostering collaborations and interactions with the other researcher of Spoke 1 involved in RT1;
  • Data collection/organization, data processing and data analyses for South Tyrol
  • Process-oriented interpretation of the results that goes beyond a pure methodological perspective
  • Writing of peer-reviewed publications on “Natural Hazards under Climate Change in South Tyrol”
  • Fostering exchange with local decision makers (e.g., civil protection, geological department, hydrological office)
  • Contribution to Eurac activities
  • Administrative tasks related to the project (e.g., regular reporting)


  • Completed PhD in Earth Sciences (e.g., Geology, Physical Geography, Hydrology) or comparable
  • Experience in analyzing mountain Natural Hazards (e.g., mass movements, glacier hazards, GLOFs)
  • Proficient: Analyzing remote sensing data (e.g., change detection, InSAR)
  • Proficient: Data-driven analyses (e.g., statistical models, trend analyses, machine learning) using R/Python (or similar) and GIS to assess processes and their links to meteo-climate drivers.
  • Motivation to create “easy-to-interpret” results to be up-taken by local decision makers
  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Team working, motivation to learn and personal initiative

We offer:

  • 3-year fixed-term contract
  • An interesting, highly responsible job in a young international and interdisciplinary team
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Benefits (e.g., family-friendly benefits, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art technical facilities (soft- and hardware, communication tools)
  • Access to EURAC’s numerous scientific and cultural facilities and events
  • An attractive working place in a vivid city in the heart of the Alps with endless opportunities for skiing, hiking, climbing

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application (CV, 1-page cover letter and further relevant documents) within 11.12.2022 

La posizione si è aperta date le seguenti premesse:

VISTO il Regolamento (UE) 2021/241 del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio del 12 febbraio 2021, pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale dell’Unione Europea L57 del 18 febbraio 2021, che istituisce il dispositivo per la ripresa e la resilienza dell’Unione Europea;

VISTO il Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza, ufficialmente presentato alla Commissione Europea in data 30 aprile 2021 ai sensi dell’art. 18 del Regolamento (UE) n. 2021/241 e valutato positivamente con Decisione del Consiglio ECOFIN del 13 luglio 2021 e notificata all’Italia dal Segretariato generale del Consiglio con nota LT161/21, del 14 luglio 2021;

VISTO l’Avviso MUR n. 3277 del 30 dicembre 2021 “Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di Proposte di intervento per la creazione e il rafforzamento di “ecosistemi dell’innovazione”, costruzione di “leader territoriali di R&S” – Ecosistemi dell’Innovazione – nell’ambito del Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, Missione 4 Istruzione e ricerca – Componente 2 Dalla ricerca all’impresa – Investimento 1.5, finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU” per finanziare la creazione di Ecosistemi dell’innovazione sul territorio nazionale;

VISTO il Decreto Direttoriale 20 aprile 2022, n. 703, con il quale sono state approvate le graduatorie delle proposte pervenute in risposta all’Avviso, con la contestuale ammissione alla successiva Fase 2 delle suddette proposte, ai sensi dell’art. 12 dell’Avviso;

VISTA la nota 22 aprile 2022, n.7056, con la quale il MUR, nel comunicare gli esiti della valutazione della manifestazione di interesse, ha chiesto al Università degli Studi di Padova Soggetto Proponente l’Ecosistema dell’Innovazione ”Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem (iNEST)” la presentazione della proposta integrale, entro il 20 maggio 2022;

VISTA la proposta integrale trasmessa ai sensi dell’art. 13 dell’Avviso;

VISTO l’Atto Rep. n. 6833, Racc. n. 4287, registrato a Padova il 14 giugno 2022 con cui è stato costituito, quale Soggetto attuatore, il Consorzio “Ecosistema Innovazione iNEST – Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem”, (CF 92315730280);

VISTO il Decreto Direttoriale n. 1058 del 23 giugno 2022, registrato dalla Corte dei Conti il 26/07/2022 n. 2011 con il quale è ammesso a finanziamento l’Ecosistema dell’Innovazione “Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem (iNEST)” ambito di intervento “4. Digital, Industry, Aerospace”, domanda di agevolazione contrassegnata dal codice identificativo ECS00000043, per la realizzazione del Programma di Ricerca e Innovazione dal titolo “Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem (iNEST)”.

VISTO l’Atto d’Obbligo e di accettazione del Decreto di concessione delle agevolazioni per il progetto, codice identificativo ECS00000043, dal titolo “Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem (iNEST)”.

Company: Eurac Research

Location: Bozen/Bolzano

Contact person: Paola Winkler
Phone number: +39 0471 055 383
E-mail address: [email protected]