Consultancy for WASH Engineer via ReliefWeb


Turkana County, Kenya 🇰🇪

Project Name: A contribution to breaking the cycle of food insecurity in Turkana County, Kenya

Project Area: Nasinyono Village, Nanam Ward Turkana County

Type of Consultancy: Individual Consultancy Contract

  1. Introduction

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe eV. is a German International Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization that provides international assistance through its Johanniter International Assistance department and its country offices. Johanniter International’s 2027 Strategic Programme objectives include Health, Livelihoods, and Disaster Response and Preparedness for communities affected by conflict and disaster.

Johanniter International Assistance in Kenya began its work in 2011, initially supported nomadic communities by providing immediate humanitarian aid. Since then, we have expanded our aid together with partner organizations and support affected communities in developing sustainable and climate-adapted agriculture, diversified income opportunities, and securing water supplies.

  1. Project Background

Johanniter International Assistance and its partner AIC-Health Ministries (AICHM) are currently implementing a food security, nutrition and WASH project in Nasinyono village Nanam ward in Turkana County. The overall objective of the project is to contribute toward breaking the recurrent cycle of food insecurity in Turkana County.

  1. Specific objectives of the projects are:
  2. To increase sustainable food production by promoting drought-resistant and environmentally viable crops.
  3. To strengthen community resilience by preventing moderate acute malnutrition through improved access to quality and adequate locally produced food and enhance the self-help capacities of the target group to cope with the negative impacts of natural disasters.

The project integrates WASH activities in its intervention including the drilling of a borehole, water pan construction, setting up irrigation systems, setting up a reverse osmosis system and construction of latrines. Currently the borehole has already been drilled, but the borehole equipping is ongoing and expected to be finalized by November 2022. Water pan construction is at the tendering stage and the TOR for reverse osmosis is yet to be developed.

  1. Purpose of the Consultancy
  2. Support Johanniter’s implementing partner in the development of a TOR and BOQ for the reverse osmosis and irrigation system.
  3. Support Johanniter’s implementing partner in the review of the water pan tender documents receive ad advice on engaging the water pan contractor.
  • iii. Ensure the contractor complies with the terms of the contract, safety, and environmental requirements and the specified technical requirements for the construction of the water pan and irrigation system.
  1. Submission of a final report to Johanniter International providing a complete overview of the work done, follow up activities for monitoring the irrigation systems, reverse osmosis and water pan in 2023, challenges and any other information deemed relevant.
  2. Timeframe of the Consultancy

Expected Project duration: 5 days in December 2022.

  1. Scope of Work

Under the supervision of the Johanniter International Assistance Programme Manager, the WASH Engineer will be responsible for carrying out the following functions and tasks;

  1. Support Johanniter’s implementing partner in the development of a TOR and BOQ for the reverse osmosis and irrigation system.
  2. Work with Johanniter’s implementing partner in the preparation of the Invitation to Tender documents for the reverse osmosis and irrigation system. These should include:
  • Specifications
  • Design drawings
  • General and specific conditions
  • Bill of quantities
  • Contractor pre-qualification form (technical contractor assessment form)
  1. Together with Johanniter International Assistance and Johanniter’s implementing partner, review and evaluate the tender submissions for the water pan construction, reverse osmosis and irrigation system and assist in the selection of the contractor.
  2. Ensure the contract complies with safety and environmental requirements and the specified technical requirements for the establishment of the water pan, irrigation system and the reverse osmosis.
  3. Expected Output and Deliverables
  4. Review of the tender documents for the water pan and irrigation systems including reviewing the respective contracts.
  5. Develop TOR and BOQs for reverse osmosis.
  6. Submit a final report to Johanniter International providing a complete overview of the work done, follow-up activities for monitoring the irrigation systems, reverse osmosis and water pan in 2023, challenges and any other information deemed relevant.
  7. Johanniter International Assistance (JIA) Responsibilities
  8. The JIA Programme Manager and partner will provide the WASH Engineer with the available data, reports, feasibility study on the water pan and borehole, EIA on reverse osmosis and hydrogeological survey report and any other required secondary information.
  9. JIA and its partner will provide contacts of relevant Ministry Departments in Turkana County if needed.
  10. Duration of Work

The expected duration of work 5 days in December 2022. A day means 8 am-5 pm. The breakdown is shown below per activity;

  1. Review of bids received and contracting for water pan construction and setting up irrigation systems-2 days (desk work)
  2. Development of reverse osmosis TOR and BOQs- 1 days (desk work)
  3. Report on tasks for monitoring Reverse Osmosis construction – 1 day (desk work)
  4. Final report on the accomplished assignments above with confirmation of the deliverables. 1 day (desk work)
  5. Minimum Qualifications

The proposals submitted must;

  1. Masters’ degree in Civil Engineering, Water Engineering or related field.
  2. 10 years of experience in WASH
  3. Registration with a relevant professional body (Engineer Registration Board)
  4. Previous experience designing, constructing and supervising water pans and setting up of irrigation systems in drylands is ESSENTIAL.
  5. Knowledge and experience in designing and setting up reverse osmosis is required
  6. Experience working with International NGOs on WASH projects in the ASAL Counties in Kenya is an advantage
  7. Experience working with Local NGOs and County Governments in WASH and infrastructure projects in Kenya is also an advantage
  8. Experience working with Local Communities and structures in WASH related projects.
  9. Ability to design, plan and analyze infrastructure projects.
  10. Ability to meet the agreed timeline and provide technical feedback during the implementation period.
  11. Excellent communication skills.
  12. Excellent Computer literacy skills (Auto Card.)
  13. Knowledge of the local language is desirable but not a must.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

Sub criteria/Description


Consultant Academic and Professional Qualification

  1. Master’s degree in Civil engineering from a recognised university
  2. Member of a relevant professional body. (Engineer Registration Board)
  3. CV of the consultant attached


Consultant Prior Work Experience

  1. Evidence of working on WASH projects, especially boreholes, water pan construction, latrines and setting up a reverse osmosis plant in Kenya.
  2. Working experience working on WASH projects in Turkana County.
  3. Sample of at least 3 knowledge products (previous assignments) on WASH developed and disseminated that are relevant to the assignment.
  4. Provide 3 references from previous clients



  1. Outline of methodology and approach to implementing this assignment.
  2. Proposed assignment plan that includes clear timelines for the assignment that demonstrates the understanding of the assignment expectation.
  3. Detailed financial proposal and budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan. The budget should be inclusive of all costs required to complete the activities, such as logistics.
  4. The technical Proposal Maximum 15 pages


Language and analytical skills

  1. Strong analytical and information presentation skills
  2. Fluency in English is mandatory.
  3. A logical flow of tasks planned and execution


Only consultants scoring 75% or above will be invited to participate in the next round of procurement that is the presentation of technical bids.

  • Terms of Payment

Payments will be made based on agreed-upon deliverables on contracting.

  • Application Procedures

Interested consultants to submit their technical and financial proposals in Kenya Shillings demonstrating their ability to deliver on this assignment based on their qualifications and experience.

The Mandatory Eligibility Criteria are;

The bids should include:

  1. The consultant’s CV
  2. Detailed financial proposal, linked to the work plan
  3. Detailed technical proposal and work plan
  4. 3 previous certified completed assignments
  5. Full contact details of three professional referees
  6. Professional membership certificates from the Kenyan Engineer Registration Board
  7. KRA PIN and Tax compliance certificate
  8. Technical and financial proposals in Kenya Shillings.
  9. Detailed work plan and timeline of key deliverables

How to apply

Detailed technical and financial proposals in Kenya Shillings should be emailed to [email protected]citing Consultancy for WASH Engineer on the subject line of the email, on or before 9th December 2022 before 11.59 PM EAT. No applications shall be accepted after this deadline