RFT - Evaluation of A Stake in Water Project (2019-2022)

Global Water Partnership (GWP)


Dear Bidder,

The Global Water Partnership welcomes you to the tender notification of 313310, Evaluation of A Stake in Water Project (2019-2022).

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is an international action network created in 1996 to foster the implementation of integrated water resources management. The GWP Network includes government institutions, non-governmental organisations, academic and research institutions, private companies, and public sector service providers.

Our Vision

A water secure world.

Our Mission

To advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development.

Our Work

We prioritise opportunities with key global or regional policy frameworks such as:

Water solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals
Climate resilience through water
Transboundary water cooperation
Our Values

Inclusiveness | Openness | Transparency | Accountability | Respect | Gender sensitivity | Solidarity

The GWP Organisation (GWPO) was established as an intergovernmental organisation in Sweden. It is managed by the Executive Secretary who is accountable to the Steering Committee (SC). The SC oversees policy and approves the work programme and budget. The SC and its Chair are appointed by the Sponsoring Partners, comprising the ten founding members of GWPO.

The GWPO Secretariat manages GWP’s finances and reports on funding received at the global level. It also helps with the exchange of knowledge and resources and ensures communication and coherence across the Network. The GWPO Secretariat is in Stockholm, Sweden. The Secretariat staff is currently 40 members recruited from all parts of the world. The staff is composed of administrative, operational, scientific, and technical positions. More information can be found at www.gwp.org (http://www.gwp.org).


This is an open tender process. In order to participate, you will need to complete the necessary information in the system and submit the requested documents by the tender deadline. We require full completion of the tender documents in order for your bid to be regarded as compliant. Those bids returned incomplete may be rejected.

All bids must be submitted in English and the bidder shall bear all costs incurred in the preparation and submission of tenders.

Returned bids must remain valid for consideration for a minimum period of no less than 90 days from the tender closing deadline. Please note GWP is under no obligation to award a contract or to award it to the lowest bidder.

As part of this tender process, please be advised that GWP may request samples and/or conduct visits to the suppliers’ offices/plants/warehouses/stores etc. to verify any of the information provided in your bid.

A bidder may withdraw its tender bid at any time prior to the closing date if the withdrawal is done in CTM eSourcing system prior to the closing date.

Should you require any further information or clarification on the tender requirements, please contact GWP’s Procurement Unit in writing via the message function in the eSourcing system. All correspondence between potential bidders and GWP should be through the system and note that both GWP and all the bidder’s actions are logged in the system and auditable.


Bidders should offer services for the complete assignment as defined in the tender questionnaire and Bill of Quantities (BoQ). Please note that each requirement is to be addressed separately, with clear reference to the requirements.

All costs must be included in the tender offer. The costs are to be in Euro including VAT if the supplier is required to charge it. GWPO is not exempt from VAT and does not have a VAT number. The cost should be quoted as fees as set out in the BoQ.


Follow these instructions when your business is participating in one of GWP’s procedures:

Log into the system, click accepts.Be aware that when you click accept, you have not submitted a request for prequalification, but have just accepted that you have been given access to the presented material.
By accepting you will get access to the relevant material.You can now answer the questions asked and attach the documents as specified in the tender.
Please note that the response to participate must be done before the deadline. Otherwise, the buyer will not accept your response bid.
Note: Offers must be submitted through the CTM system, and before the tender deadline expires. It will not be possible to submit tenders after the deadline.

The deadline for requests to participate is 24/12/2022 CET.

GWPO will examine the tenders to determine whether they are complete, the documents have been properly submitted, and the requirements have been addressed. A tender may be rejected if the tender is incomplete, or fails to address the requirements.

Award of the Tender will be based on the following criteria:


Bidders must meet the following criteria;

Bidder’s confirmation of compliance with GWP’s Terms and Conditions and GWP’s Supplier’s Ethical Standards Declaration
Bidder has a valid business license
Bidder has valid tax registration

The following criteria are considered very important in the evaluation of this tender;

Bidder’s prices
Financial stability of the company
Minimum order quantities
Meeting the technical specifications requested

The following criteria are considered quite important in the evaluation of this tender;

Bidder provides satisfactory client references
Bidder does not rely on the services of a subcontractor

GWPO will enter detailed discussions with the bidder rated as having submitted the most advantageous bid to arrive at a contract for the assignment. If such discussions are unsuccessful, GWPO may invite the second rated bidder for discussions.


Acceptance of GWP’s Suppliers Ethical Standards Declaration and GWP’s general terms and conditions as provided and described in tender.

Please accept and confirm by clicking “accept” in the access conditions, that you agree to the mandatory access condition in order for your company to have access to the tender in the system.


All correspondence between potential bidders and GWP is through the system.

Please note that both the GWP’s and the bidder’s actions are logged in the system and can be audited.

For technical questions about the system, please contact our helpdesk by phone +44 333 155 4996 or mail [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

Questions for the tender content and process must be made ​​to the contracting entity via the message module inside the system.

Answers to questions about the tender content and process published in the system are in an anonymous form, where they are made available to all registered bidders.


GWPO Procurement

Global Water Partnership