Consultancy: Advocacy Specialist For The WASH Road Map (M/F)

Solidarités International


  • Référence : SRH05061
  • Statut : Consultant
  • Poste : Poste au Siège
  • Domaine de compétence : Autres
  • Type de contrat : Consultant
  • Pays : France


Date limite de réponse à l’appel d’offre : December 2, 2022

Date de début : ASAP

Date de fin : 8 weeks.

Localisation : Remote

36 organisations active in the humanitarian WASH sector all over the world have joined forces and elaborated an action plan, with the goal to accelerate action and deploy new approaches to save more lives, achieve better public and environmental health outcomes, and create synergies between acute emergencies, humanitarian crises and long-term development. This collective is named the 2020-2025 WASH Road Map (RM).

This consultation’s main objective is to provide the WASH Road Map with an advocacy strategy for 2023-2025 period. This strategy will be built by connecting with all Road Map initiatives to set up a common set of messages to be defended and spread out to key decision makers, with a specific and urgent focus on the UN2023 Water Conference (New York, 23 & 24/03/2023)


  • Expected Result 1: Advocacy Theme and Messages

After an in-depth consultation of the WASH Road Map initiatives leads and coleads, the report should mention priority thematics, agencies involved in the thematic, possible external champions, main coming events (covering 2023 – 2025), in terms of advocacy, from each initiative. The consultant is expected to consult each Initiative Lead and Co-lead to collect their wishes in terms of themes that could be part of a set of advocacy messages. There should be no more than 3 messages per initiative. Deliverable 1: a mapping table (excel matrix) including the Road Map initiatives (in rows) and their chosen thematics/ messages, list of WASH Road Map agencies involved in the thematic, possible champions, main coming events, comments (in columns).

  • Expected Result 2: WASH Road Map Advocacy Strategy 2023-2025

Based on the deliverable 1 (above), the consultant will produce a short Advocacy strategy document (15 pages maximum) detailing the WASH Road Map 2023-2025 (word format) advocacy strategy. 5 #WASHRoadMap Deliverable 2: This document will include the following sections: – Introduction – Summary – Main advocacy messages, with their involved agencies, possible champions, main identified allies and targets – Main international events identified during the period 2023-2025 where WASH Road Map members can present emergency WASH challenges – Recommendations for the humanitarian WASH sector to elevate its visibility and leverage opportunities – Annex (the matrix / deliverable 1)

  • Expected Result 3: Support to UN Water Conference 2023

In March 2023, the second Water Conference hosted by the United Nations will be held in New York. This event could be an important moment for humanitarian WASH actors to get more visibility. The Expected Result 3 will consist in ensuring all the WASH Road Map Initiatives lead and co-lead agree on the “Call to Action for UN 2023 Water Conference” document which will be the main document to support the WASH Road Map actors’ messages before and during the event. The document is already drafted and endorsed by some WASH RM members but not all. The consultant will also list all WASH Road Map members involved in some way in the conference, detail how they are involved and compile all members’ advocacy messages to be disseminated by the WASH humanitarian sector. Deliverable 3: The document “Call to Action for UN 2023 Water Conference” finalised and handed out to all WASH Road Map members. Deliverable 4: A table of WASH Road Map agencies that will be present in New York (either inside the UN conference or outside), conference and which events / side events (conference, round table etc) they plan

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The consultant must have a solid professional experience in developing advocacy campaigns and communication tools, preferably in other fields than humanitarian WASH. Knowledge of the humanitarian environment, and familiarity with the global donor community and/or national authorities in humanitarian crises are recommended. The consultant must be fluent in English, and preferably in French. The human resources needs and technical means to be used for the consultancy is not restricted and is the sole decision of the consultant. ACF and FWP can facilitate the contacts by providing contact lists and personal details.


All applications to be sent to : [email protected] before November 17th with the following object: “WASH RM initiative 4.3 consultancy” – Indicate your price for the full consultancy (all included) – Indicate your availability (from which day will you be available?) – Attach your CV – Send a cover letter mentioning your skills and background in similar jobs