International Trainer/Coach In Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution

Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)


Achieving competent negotiation skills also helps build confidence among Basin officials that they can manage difficult situations. Skillful negotiation and conflict management abilities are the foundation for how to deal systematically and successfully with uncertainty and the concerns and fears that flow from it. Providing the opportunity for training in state-of-the-art negotiation skills is the objective of this ToR.

II. Objectives

The overarching objective is to develop essential skills of relevant officials of NBI Member states in negotiation and conflict management.

Specific objectives of this assignment are to:

(a) Prepare for and conduct a three-day negotiation skills and conflict management workshop, with a maximum of 36 participants selected from the ten NBI-member riparian countries and management of NBI,
(b) Facilitate interaction between participants representing the Eastern Nile and the Nile Equatorial Lakes groups to achieve a common negotiation approach and commitment to cooperative activities throughout the Nile River Basin, and
(c) Develop and implement a mentoring program that assists each participant in applying relevant and useful negotiation skills to actual problems or projects being handled in their normal workload.

The negotiation skills offered during the workshop and mentoring program will be state-of-the-art analytical and tactical tools specifically relevant for Nile River Basin water resource issues and useful in supporting the responsibilities of workshop participants.

III. Scope of Work

The consultant shall

1. Design and coordinate prior to the workshop the circulation and return of an e-questionnaire for workshop participants, and organize and record the “challenges” the participants report that they face in their work
2. Develop a final draft of a syllabus/agenda for the three-day workshop and submit it to the NBI program officer at least two weeks (10 working days) in advance of the scheduled workshop
3. Meet with the NBI program officer on the day before the workshop begins to review preparation steps, agenda, supplemental materials, logistics and other issues
4. Conduct a three-day workshop on negotiation skills and conflict management relevant to the participants’ handling of the Basin’s challenges in transboundary water resource management
5. Coordinate with participants from each riparian state and the NBI secretariat to initiate a mentoring/coaching program for the following three (3) months to help sustain the learnings of the workshop and respond to questions/concerns in applying the negotiation skill set
6. Provide the NBI program officer with a final report evaluating workshop activities and products, and offer recommendations for next steps to sustain the productive application of the learned negotiation skills.