India nationals: ACIWRM Irrigation Modernization Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: Irrigation Modernisation Specialist
Expertise Group: Agriculture/Rural Development

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: MASSCOTE, IWRM, irrigation system, data analysis

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Program (KISWRMIP)
tranche-2 funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) became effective in January 2020. The main
objective of the program is to improve water availability to meet competing water demands in selected
river basins by implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the State. In this regard,
it is planned to conduct MASSCOTE studies on some of the irrigation systems to develop the capacities of
WRD engineers and prepare comprehensive report for each system. ACIWRM propose to engage an
international and national specialist to undertake this task and provide training on irrigation

Scope of Work

The National Irrigation Modernization specialist will support ACIWRM staff and the International
MASSCOTE specialist, National MASSCOTE specialist and others in building the capacity of WRD engineers
in using MASSCOTE methodology by organising 2-week long workshops. The National Irrigation Modernization
specialist also will support and undertake activities to strengthen the Government of Karnataka’s
approach to irrigation modernization and management, especially of canal systems. The expert will assist
International MASSCOTE specialist in assessment of irrigation systems in the field, in training, analyze
the data collected from offices and field, and in preparing the reports.
The scope of work includes:
• Analysing the data for various MASSCOTE steps and preparing the presentation material for the training
• Facilitating sessions in training workshop in mutual consultation with International MASSCOTE
• Guide trainees in drawing results in MASSCOTE exercise in two Irrigation Systems of Karnataka
• Supplementing information in finalization of assessment of all MASSCOTE elements of the two irrigation
systems (Ghataprabha and Kabini ) by local team under the supervision of International MASSCOTE
• Assist International specialist in conducting Review workshops for the MASSCOTE studies carried out
until now in Karnataka and provide inputs to prepare policy note
• Providing inputs for finalization of all MASSCOTE reports.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Under the supervision of the Director(T), ACIWRM, the incumbent will support the International MASSCOTE
specialist, national core staff, local consultants and partners by conducting, suggesting and providing
support on:

Activity 1: MASSCOTE exercises in two Irrigation Systems of Karnataka for Capacity Building of WRD
engineers (2 weeks each)
The National Irrigation Modernization specialist teams up with trained staff in ACIWRM, KNNL and other
Nigams and WRD. The specialist analyses Rapid Appraisal Process (RAP) Worksheets duly filled and the
assemble data from offices and field, and examine water from source to the fields. The specialist will
take sessions in the MASSCOTE training workshops, in discussion with International MASSCOTE specialist.

The MASSCOTE exercises will be jointly organized by Chief Engineer of the particular irrigation project
and ACIWRM. This workshop should be conducted in the field and findings of the study to be presented in
front of the larger WRD audience.

The proposed exercise is aiming at the following outcomes:
• A batch of 40 or 50 participants from irrigation Nigams, CADA, DoA, Agriculture University, NGOs,
trained in modern concepts and practices of canal operation, in diagnosing the performance and process
of current management through a Rapid Appraisal Procedure (RAP), and
• Designing improvement to existing water management set-up and canal operation procedures

Resource persons: International MASSCOTE specialist, National MASSCOTE specialist, WRD engineers
(trained earlier by FAO & ADB) and staff of ACIWRM in Karnataka.

Activity 2: Finalization of assessment of all MASSCOTE elements of the two irrigation projects by
National Consultant along with local team under the supervision of International MASSCOTE Specialist and
Director (T) of ACIWRM.

In each studied project or sub-system investigated while conducting the training workshop the completion
of the 10 steps of MASSCOTE has to be carried out by the National Irrigation Modernization specialist
along with designated local project team under the supervision of International MASSCOTE expert and

It is expected that a set of recommendations emanating from these projects studied by participants, on
how the modernization should go further; on what and how some achievements should be strengthened; on
how others should be consolidated; on how some should be downsized etc. will be synthesized into a
report. This package of recommendations should be extremely useful for the formulation of the Irrigation
Modernization proposals and also enhance the effectiveness of the modernization works ongoing.

Activity 3: To assist in conducting Review workshop for the MASSCOTE studies carried out in the
Irrigation systems.
The National Irrigation Modernization specialist supports international specialist in conducting a
workshop that will study the impact of MASSCOTE studies and to analyze the feedback and suggestions of
the engineers who have undergone the trainings at various irrigation systems in the previous trainings
and to develop a comprehensive policy on MASSCOTE that will further contribute to the future MASSCOTE
studies and irrigation system modernization.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

i. Post Graduate qualification in Civil Engineering with specialization in Irrigation Engineering with
more than 15 years of experience.
ii. At least 10 years of experience working in the field of water resources and irrigation sector
iii. Demonstrated experience in collecting, analyzing and preparing reports on irrigation system
management and modernization
iv. Experience with the FAO’s MASSCOTE methodology will be highly valued
v. Experience in supporting
a. Mapping Systems and Services for Canal Operating Techniques (MASSCOTE) training workshops and
MASSCOTE studies in at least 2 projects in India ;
b. Worked as Faculty/ Resource person in training government engineers in at least 3 training
programmes in the subjects of IWRM / Irrigation Modernization / MASSCOTE;
c. Demonstrated experience in gathering and analyzing data for RAP sheets.
vi. Strong oral and written communication skills in English, interpersonal and presentation skills.
a. MS Office proficiency
b. Analytical and Report writing skills
vii. Ability and willingness to participate in a multi-disciplinary, innovative and enthusiastic team.
viii. Knowledge of Kannada (to speak, read and write) is desirable.

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years