Nepal nationals: Project Management Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Expertise: Project Management
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: strategic project management skills ,technical advisory and capacity building services

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The objectives of the consulting services with respect to the Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement
Project including ADB Loan -2776, L-3255 AF, and GON financing; Kathmandu Valley Wastewater Management
Project (ADB Loan -3000) and the proposed SKVWSIP are, (i) to provide strategic project management
skills thereby ensuring the maintenance of efficient implementation management systems, (ii) to ensure
timely and high-quality implementation management performance and successful conclusion of the Projects
by providing effective risk, time and cost management advice, and (iii) to provide technical advisory
and capacity building services to Project Implementation Directorate (PID) and associated stakeholders
of the Projects.

Scope of Work

The major focus of the Project Management Specialist (PMS) services will be to assist the PID to
maintain and improve an enabling environment for the PID staff to arrive at prudent, efficient,
effective, and timely decisions based on sound international and national practices, procurement
guidelines, and engineering principles. The PMS will ensure that the project achieves the highest
standards of compliance in environmental, social, resettlement, and other similar safeguard activities,
as defined in the project documents and accepted international practices. The consultant will be
responsible for identifying and undertaking all required analyses and studies in order to provide
recommendations to the PID management to assist with timely and quality decision-making.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

  1. Overall Project Management
    i. Study and understand the objectives and the scopes of different projects under PID namely the
    Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project including additional financing ( ADB Loan -2776, L-
    3255 AF and GON Financing), Kathmandu Valley Wastewater Management Project (ADB Loan 3000) and the
    proposed SKVWSP under upcoming new loan;
    ii. Advise and assist the PID on overall strategic direction, implementation and management of
    performance, risk management, cost control and scheduling;
    iii. Assist the PID to maintain and improve project management information systems that keep track of
    the project schedule and implementation performance. Advise the PID and funding agencies of any
    deviations in the agreed project implementation processes, schedules and agreed activities, and suggest
    actions that should be taken to remedy these deviations and thereby avoid delays;
    iv. Proactively identify potential risks and opportunities, and advise and assist the PID, Project
    Consultants and the funding agencies to take timely actions to enhance project performance and mitigate
    any adverse constraints;
    v. Assist the PID to maintain and improve the most appropriate and effective organizational, fiscal,
    implementation and management arrangements that ensure successful project implementation;
    vi. Advise and assist the PID and funding agencies in the efficient coordination of the various
    consultancies, and in the effective implementation of the various Sub-Project components;
    vii. Assist the PID to improve and maintain appropriate project performance monitoring, evaluation, and
    reporting systems that keep project stakeholders suitably informed of project progress and impact;
    viii. Monitor compliance and assist the PID to maintain appropriate monitoring systems and make
    improvements where necessary;
    ix. Proactively ensure that the PID is well assisted by its services such that all project activities
    and particularly construction contracts are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner and
    maintain the highest standards of environmental protection;
    x. Facilitate the coordination of implementing and funding agencies, activities, staff, consultants,
    contractors and the public;
    xi. Facilitate PID in the preparatory works for procurement and consultancy recruitment, including
    preparation of terms of reference and bid document, and assist the PID in bid evaluation, selection and
    contract award. PMS will participate in the executive committee for procurement and contract management
    as non-voting member to assist the procurement/contract variation of civil works and consultancies of
    the Projects;
    xii. To assist the Project Director with the day-to-day coordination, monitoring and approval activities
    for all the sub-projects and their components;
    xiii. To liaise between ADB, PID, DSC’s and Community Awareness and Safeguard Support Consultant (CASSC)
    on various matters related to the sub-projects;
    xiv. Follow up with PID on the overall Program Performance against targets in terms of physical
    progress, expenditure, corrective steps required, etc. ;
    xv. Monitor progress of project execution by States, evaluate results, and support the States in
    identification and resolution of constraints;
    xvi. Assist/advise the PID in conducting procurement activities in compliance with ADB and GON
    requirements and assist them in resolving matters pertaining to disagreement/arbitration with
    xvii. Assist the Project Director (PD) in preparing various reports and updates on the project progress
    as required by the ADB, Planning Commission, MWS, KUKL, KVWSMB and Parliamentary Committee, etc.;
    xviii. Assist the PID in all coordination matters with ADB, including (a) submission of monthly and
    quarterly reports and (b) accounting and disbursement matters;
    xix. Assist the Project Director (PD) during ADB missions;
    xx. Carry out field visits for assessment of progress on ground and to understand the
    constraints/difficulties of PID and to suggest possible solutions;
    xxi. To assist the Project Director (PD) in matters related to the work plan of DSCs to achieve the
    overall project objectives.
    xxii. Participation in meetings, seminars, conferences, and other events organized by multilateral
    financial institutions and programs of economic development with respect to the questions that come
    within PID competence;
    xxiii. Constant communication with ADB and other development partners with regard to
    xxiv. preparation and implementation of administered investment projects;
    xxv. Review and endorse all reports to be submitted to ADB to ensure quality submissions;
    xxvi. Assist ADB in review missions, project completion mission, or any other special administration
    xxvii. Assist PID director in chairing and hosting development partner coordination meetings;
    xxviii. Ensure that all projects under PID comply with ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) and Nepal
    Government Safeguard Requirements.
  2. Procurement and Contract Management
    (i) Support the PID in reviewing and updating its overall procurement plan and preparing/finalizing
    annual procurement and implementation plans;
    (ii) Advise and assist the PID in effective contract management and claim control;
    (iii) Monitor and build capacity of the PID to monitor and evaluate the consultants’ reports on
    contractor progress, and assist the PID to maintain implementation scheduling with bar charts
    summarizing the overall project progress;
    (iv) Advise the PID, funding agencies, and the relevant consultants if there is slippage in the progress
    of critical path activities;
    (v) Advise and assist the PID in preparing, inviting, evaluating, and negotiating all bids for various
    consultancy and construction contracts;
    (vi) Monitor contract variations and extensions of time, and build the capacity of the PID to keep an up-
    to-date record of contract prices and completion dates; and
    (vii) Assist and build the capacity of the PID to ensure that funding agency construction supervision
    guidelines and requirements stipulated in the loan/grant agreements are followed.
  3. Interfaces and Coordination
    (i) Facilitate a close communication and coordination among various consultants for the Sub-Projects;
    (ii) Facilitate maintaining an environment of coordination between the Government and the donor
    communities; between Executing Agency and PID; and between the Sub-Project and the public;
    (iii) Facilitate and support coordination among functional units of PID and the staffs there belong in
    such a way as to enhance their capacity and efficiency; and
    (iv) Advise PID as and when required on various Sub-Project related issues.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduate Civil Engineer (preferably postgraduate) with preferably 15 years experience including
preferably 10 years experience in design, construction supervision, and project management of large
infrastructure (preferably water sector) projects. Should have specific experience managing as team
leader of minimum two large infrastructure projects (preferably water and wastewater project) costing
more than US$ 10 million. Experience in safeguard compliance in infrastructure projects. Experience in
externally funded projects (ADB or World Bank) in the capacity of Team Leader/ Project Management
Specialist would be advantageous.

Minimum General Experience: 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years