Research Assistant/Associate (Natural Security Forum)

Stimson Center

Washington, DC, US

The Initiative

Natural security–the link between natural resource theft and transnational organized crime and terrorism–is a serious threat to national, regional and global security. While natural security challenges, such as illegal fishing, logging, mining and wildlife trafficking, are emerging as threats to international peace and security, these issues remain largely outside the security purview of many nations. This is partly because the security challenges stemming from environmental crimes are poorly understood, inadequately documented and requires better articulation. Changing the terms of this conversation is crucial to protect our environment, further economic development and combat transnational organized criminals and terrorist organizations.

Stimson’s Natural Security Forum will foster the creation of a new and expanding community of natural security experts and stakeholders. Together with partner organizations and individuals we will change the terms of the conversation, leading to innovative policy and on-the-ground capacity-building programs that sustainably build a new approach to combatting environmental crime one that leverages resources from both environmental and security organizations and that mutually benefits both constituencies.

Natural Security Forum team members are go-getters with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have a good idea, pursue it! For us, curiosity and passion is more important than encyclopedic knowledge of environmental and security policy but we are all great at growing our book of knowledge quickly.

We Have

  • A great team of people that enjoys being part of something bigger than ourselves
  • A great plan of action, exciting programmatic activities and open minds about how we can do things bigger and better
  • The freedom to give you a chance to grow

You Have

  • Experience in research, writing/editing and program support on broader foreign policy issues, or more specifically U.S. national or global security policy and environmental policy.
  • A track record of writing and/or editing
  • An innovative spirit, a way with people, a flexible approach when things move quickly and ability to work very well on the fly and with others

You Will

  • Assist with drafting reports, articles and contribute content to the Natural Security Forum’s website
  • Help organize meetings with key constituencies on the Hill, with the Executive Branch, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations
  • Contribute to the preparation of Natural Security Forum deliverables, such as podcasts and video content (if you have technical skills, you should let us know)
  • Be on top of program support, such as calendars, to-dos and programmatic deadlines
  • Like all of us, chip-in when help is needed

Your Background

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field that makes you prepared to be an important member of the team
  • Work experience at least two years to be considered for a Research Associate position or life experience that is in line with the theme, work and culture of the Natural Security Forum