WASH Short Term Expert to provide support in preparing the Identification and Formulation of the EU 11th EDF WASH Support via Devex

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We will only reply to applicants meeting the criteria below.

The assignment consists of assisting the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the EU on
Identification and Formulation of interventions that can be funded from EDF 11 in the WASH sector.
The assignment consists of two parts:

1) Identification of interventions in the WASH sector.
2) Formulation of interventions in the WASH sector.

Identification and formulation will be based on the policies, strategies and plans approved by the
Government of the Solomon Islands, the EDF 11 and EU policies, strategies and instruments, and on
the consultations with experts and stakeholders, field visits and other relevant sources.

The identification mission’s main output will be the write up of the Identification part of the Action
Document, including supporting documents. The formulation mission’s main output will be the
completion of the Action Document with the Formulation part, including supporting documents, and
the preparation of the consolidated Action Document and Technical and Administrative Provisions

Global objective

The overall objective of the assignment is to assist the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and EU to timely programme and implement the 11 th EDF National Indicative Programme.

Specific objective(s)

The specific objective of this assignment is to assist the EU and SIG, in consultation with stake
holders, in designing the interventions (identification and formulation) to be financed from the 11
EDF under the WASH sector in updating existing Urban WASH Action Document and make possible
the next steps to take place, proposing implementation modalities in accordance to EU available


This contract will comprise of one category 1 expert. The total input requested is 60 working days
(identification and formulation).

Profile per expert or expertise required:

Category 1 – Senior Expert with 12 years of experience in Water supply and Sanitation
preferably in urban and/or peri-urban settings.

– Education

University degree in civil or water engineering, Water supply and Sanitation Management or

– Experience

General Professional experience required:
o Minimum of 12 years working experience in Water and Sanitation management and planning
at national level or in Water Systems for more than 200,000 users.
o Seven years working experience in WASH in developing countries or Pacific Islands States;
o At least 5 years working experience in EU funded projects with direct and indirect
management, implementing EU budget support (general or sector reform contract) and is
familiar with the EU budget support procedures and guidelines;

o Recent experience in EU identification and formulation mission!

o Recent experience in preparing EU Action documents
o Proven experience in WASH or urban development projects and programs implemented with
International Financial Institutions.
o Proven working experience in facilitating Public-Private Partnership Programmes or similar
o Proven experience in capacity building activities for government and NGOs/CSOs in the
WASH sector (especially in engineering) and/or in strategic and policy support.

Starting period

Upon European Union signature of the contract, the expert will be mobilized in accordance with the
contractor’s offer and/or agreed with the EU task manager within 10 days of the signature of the
contract by the European Union for a period of 25 working days for Mission 1 (20 in Solomon Islands
plus 5 home based). The expert will conduct a mission for a total of 35 days (25 in Solomon Islands
plus 10 home based) after the identification Action Document has been approved by the Quality
Support Group 1, tentatively the second week of February 2017. Weekends and public holidays are
not working days and not-negotiable, unless prior written request is submitted, and the EU Delegationin Solomon Islands issues a written approval. Such requests must be justified. The tentative start date for the field mission is 14 November 2016 depending on the timely signature of the contract.