MSc student for Mountain Rain or Snow (NASA funded project)

University of Nevada-Reno

Reno, NV, USA 🇺🇸

The Mountain Rain or Snow ( team at Lynker and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) is recruiting a Master of Science student to study precipitation phase and snow hydrology. This successful applicant will be enrolled in the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences (GPHS) at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). 

Position: Mountain Rain or Snow is a NASA funded citizen science study to crowdsource precipitation phase (rain, snow, mixed) observations across the US. This student will work with an interdisciplinary team to enhance the mathematical model prediction of precipitation phase by integrating citizen science observations of winter weather with meteorological and remote sensing data. The student will also participate in engagement with stakeholders and community observers by supporting stakeholders and community observer participation in the project and creating translational science products.

Preferred Qualifications: A STEM undergraduate degree or prior experience in geology and/or hydrology (or related field) with broad interests in snow hydrology, meteorology, science communication, stakeholder engagement, data analysis, and/or computer programming. 

Please visit the Mountain Rain or Snow webpage ( for information about our research team and the University of Nevada Reno Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences website ( for information about the program and application process. Applications must be received by December 15th, 2022 for Fall 2023 admission. Prospective applicants are asked to contact Dr. Monica Arienzo prior to applying to the program ([email protected]). 

A 60-year partnership between DRI and UNR, the interdisciplinary Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences is one of the most well-established interdisciplinary programs of its kind in North America ( The mission of GPHS is to provide outstanding academic training for students to become hydrologists and hydrogeologists who will understand and address critical water challenges facing the world. The Program focuses on studies of water in the environment including its surface and subsurface roles in geologic and biogeochemical processes, ecosystem functions, and climate science. 

This position is based in Reno NV, a wonderful city to live in, with its bike paths, the Truckee River, access to world-class skiing, hiking, mountain biking and trail running, and a well-connected airport. Reno is also located close to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and Lassen National Park.