Technical Assessment Panel (Irrigation and Water Resource Management)


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Project Overview and Role

Australia Awards – Africa is a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) funded initiative designed to:
  1. equip Africans with the skills and knowledge necessary to influence the economic and social development outcomes of their own countries; and
  2. build the long-term capacity of African governments to progress towards their development objectives.
Australia Awards – Africa provides a mix of Scholarships and Short Courses to Africans in the public, civil society and private sectors in targeted disciplines that support the home countries’ developmental priorities.  Australia Awards – Africa Short Courses are formal courses of study or training, delivered in Australia and Africa, of less than three months duration, delivered by an approved Australian Higher Education Provider. Australia Awards – Africa is managed by Palladium on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Palladium, on behalf of DFAT, will be conducting a tender for Education Providers to deliver the Irrigation and Water Resource Management for Agriculture, in the 2017-18 Short Course cycle. The purpose of this advisory activity
 is to assess both the technical and financial aspects of all compliant tender submissions for the Irrigation and Water Resource Management for Agriculture to be delivered under the Australia Awards – Africa Short Course cycle in 2017/2018. Up to 3 Advisers may be contracted for these services.
The Advisers will participate in the Technical Assessment Panel (TAP) for the relevant Short Course tender and will assess both the technical and financial aspects of the tender submissions.

Up to 5 days of inputs will be required between 28 November and 9 December 2016 with all activities completed by the 09 December 2016. The successful candidates will report to the Awards Manager. The Awards Manager and adviser will agree on a number of days once the number of compliant tenders has been determined.
  • The consultants will be required to participate in the TAP and evaluate (in accordance with Commonwealth Procurement Rules) all compliant technical and financial tender submissions, and score them against the nominated Technical Criteria
  • Be available to participate in the TAP during the period 28 November and 9 December 2016
  • Participate in the TAP teleconference on the final day of the TAP process.
Probity – Protecting the Integrity of the Contractor Selection Process
The Australia Awards – Africa Short Course TAP process is conducted on a strict commercial-in-confidence basis. TAP members must declare they have no commercial or other interest in any of the tenders or tendering institutions.  TAP members are also required not to discuss the deliberations of the TAP with a third party.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion:
Australia Awards – Africa is committed to supporting inclusive development practices across all program activities. Social inclusion is an umbrella term adopted by Australia Awards to refer to gender equality, disability inclusion and HIV support.  The Advisors will be expected to implement and embed inclusive development practices within this activity and the assessments of tender submissions.
Qualifications and Experience
  • Appropriate post-graduate qualification(s) in a relevant Agricultural field required;
  • Additional post graduate qualifications in education preferred;
  • Over 10 years extensive senior management experience in a relevant Agricultural field, experience in Africa is preferred;
  • Experience with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as the Commonwealth Procurement Rules
  • Experience in curricula design and/or assessment preferred.
  • Knowledge of Australian funded development programs and Australia Awards programs preferred;
  • Awareness and understanding of gender and social inclusion factors, such as those facing people with disabilities, and the ability to incorporate this understanding into the panel assessments.
An assessment of the skills and experience required for the role, and an appropriate remuneration will be provided to the STA, in accordance with Australian Government Adviser Remuneration Framework (ARF). For details see
The tasks associated with this role have been assessed to be commensurate with ARF Short Term Adviser rates (Discipline Group B, Level 3) depending on the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications and a daily rate within this range will be negotiated depending on the panel members’ relevant experience and demonstrated skills.
06 Nov 2016