Water Service Support Consultant for Al Jidara under the USAID Funded IGPA Project

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Al Jidara Investment Services
Baghdad, Iraq
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
Private Sector
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

I. Background on Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability Project (IGPA)
IGPA will support the Iraqi Government to shore up fiscal stability while rapidly and visibly improving service delivery. The project aims to build capacity for Iraqi government service delivery, improve governorate and national government public financial management, and strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure.

The decentralization of powers from the Federal Government ministries in Baghdad to Provincial Governments, headed by a Governor is aimed at improving service delivery and enabling citizens to more directly hold officials to account. Currently, source water salinity in some provinces is high, and bacterial contamination in the distribution network has resulted in an elevated number of gastro-intestinal issues amongst residents especially in Basrah. Water treatment plants are in need of refurbishment and existing desalination plants are undersized. The distribution network has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and a number of emergency measures have been put in place or have been proposed by the Iraqi government.

The USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul project will work with implementing officials, community groups and relevant actors in the water service sector to deliver provincial level led processes that develop and implement solutions to identified barriers.

The consultant shall guide the process in close coordination with an international consultant working on water service activities at the Project to ensure that the water directorate staff has an awareness of best practice, external ideas and consider the available budget. The process will result in both short, medium and long-term improvement for water service delivery.

II. Objectives

Overall, the objective is to assist in the implementation of activities addressing the alignment of service deliveries with the priorities of provincial water directorates. The Water Service Support Consultant will work primarily with the Service Delivery (SD) Lead to support in the design and implementation of a package of technical assistance, training, and capacity-building that will enable target Iraqi water directorates to meet operational, commercial and customer service goals and increase their ability to operate in an autonomous, efficient, and sustainable manner.

The assignment is to support the overall water service activities that are being implemented by IGPA/Takamul and to work closely with the international water consultant, and representatives from other objectives as appropriate. The specific objective is to facilitate overall success with the six water services assistance packages developed for Anbar, Babil, Baghdad, Basrah, Ninewa and the KRG, especially by providing local knowledge of the public water supply system and operating environment, as well as enhanced access to provincial employees and other actors involved in water services. This will be achieved by supporting the vendors undertaking the majority of these tasks.

This includes overseeing the implementation of the different activities under the water assistance packages including providing overall support to the water sector, conducting a cost recovery analysis of water supply services, conducting business process engineering to improve water directorates’ operations, assisting water directorate in system efficiency and social inclusion mapping, and increasing customer awareness. This also includes analysis of the roles and relationships among the water directorates, the bodies that have oversight and capital investment responsibility for the water directorates, and players responsible for overall service provision. Improvements may include systems and capacity for sector planning, budgeting, monitoring, and regulation.

III. Specific Tasks of the Consultant

This activity involves providing local knowledge and support to the overall implementation of the agreed assistance packages by undertaking the following:

Task 1 – Assistance Package Establishment and Implementation
1.1 Provide overall support on the design and implementation of the different activities under the AP
1.2 Design and implement technical assistance and capacity building activities to improve and sustain service delivery, management and oversight; including, providing support on the following potential activities:

  • Identify demonstration areas and design activities to reduce non-revenue water, including introduction of metering, improvement of billing and collection efficiency, and others;
  • Develop capacity building programs targeted to solve existing problems and support new functions and roles;
  • Develop standard operating procedures and capacity to support efficient operations and maintenance of infrastructure;
  • Develop enhanced structures, systems and capacity for customer service, billing and collection; and
  • Work with water directorates to oversee the design and implement Water Safety Plans;
  • Strengthen the implementation of performance monitoring and accountability processes and systems;

1.3 Provide advice and guidance on the local water service actors, legal environment, and status of existing water treatment plants and processes throughout Iraq, as they relate to the proposed assistance packages
1.4 Provide ongoing advice relating to implementation challenges and how these would be best overcome
1.5 Ensure coordination with other development assistance teams working within the sector to maximize leverage and avoid duplication of efforts.

Task 2 – Vendor Engagement
2.1 Finalize selection of water treatment plants, for Assistance Package activities
2.2 Assist with preparing requests for proposal packages for the various packages intended to be outsourced to vendors for implementing the water assistance packages
2.3 Prepare and implement tender workshops for contract bidders and participants
2.4 Assist with negotiating and implementing these vendor contracts, including individuals retained under existing contracts
2.5 Monitor Vendor implementation progress, review vendor deliverables and progress claims

Task 3 – Support and Reporting
3.1 Work closely with the international water STTA and representatives from other objectives to develop fully integrated implementation protocols in the water sector
3.2 Participate in project meetings and planning and deliver monthly report of no more than two pages, noting the work undertaken in the previous month, work proposed for the next month, deliverables achieved, items awaiting approval by management and any special notes such as relating to safety, health and environment

Overall, assist with coordinating the approach of Objective 1 goals so that USAID support is better integrated in district level activities

I. Required Profile/Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years direct experience in managing or improving the performance and capacity of water directorates and other sector agencies, preferably in a developing country context;
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering or environmental management, economics with technical knowledge in the related field;
  • Experience as a senior manager or director in a water and/or sanitation utility; experience with USAID, or other donor-funded projects preferred;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the legal, policy and regulatory issues related to urban water and sanitation service delivery;
  • Good command of spoken and written English required;
  • Previous experience in Iraq or MENA region preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal and team building skills