Climate Change Adaptation Senior Fellow via Idealist


Bluefields, , NI

Primary Location: Bluefields, Nicaragua

Reports To: Climate Change Adaptation Program Coordinator

Area/Department: Climate Change

Duration: 1-year minimum commitment (preference given to 2-year commitment)

Start Date: ASAP

blueEnergy is looking for talented, committed individuals to join our diverse, dynamic organization, and can offer many opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth.

Currently blueEnergy is seeking a mature, culturally sensitive, proactive individual with strong motivation to work in the social team in Bluefields, Nicaragua. As blueEnergy Nicaragua’s Social Fellow, you will work within the Climate Change Adaptation program.

The Social Fellow will contribute to the research and development of climate change document and research activities related to the program and support the social team in projects related to the program. In addition, the Fellow with support the writing of new project profiles and their corresponding budgets. Candidates must have exceptional teamwork and emotional intelligence, and be able to thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment.

About blueEnergy

blueEnergy is an international nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty to create a world of sustainable living and opportunity for all. The organization does this by creating opportunities for sustainable development in severely marginalized communities and by developing leaders working internationally for a more equitable, sustainable world.

The blueEnergy Group is made up of blueEnergy International, blueEnergy US, blueEnergy France and blueEnergy Nicaragua. More information is available on our website at and in our online newsletter, the blueNews.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist in participatory development of family adaptation models in a multiethnic, humid subtropical climate in the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast.
  • Contribute to community adaptation to climate change through the construction of family adaptation models and plans.
  • Support the design, implementation and systematization of blueEnergy’s component of the ‘Model Families’ initiatives.
  • Assist in the design, implementation, and systematization of the model family approach.
  • Proposals of methods and participatory methodologies for adaptation to climate change for families (monitoring, level of appropriation, accompaniment on the maintenance and development of local family gardens)
  • Research on impact of adaptation measures implemented at the family level
  • Develop and assist on participatory methodology for the design and the implementation of the ‘Model Families’ components.
  • Analyzing different concepts and guide frameworks for community adaptation work.
  • Draft proposal for participatory methodology of work, including data collection and mechanisms.
  • Prepare proposals (descriptive and illustrative) of family adaptation plans with focus on implementation and follow-up strategy.
  • Accompany and advise in the implementation and use of techniques and technologies for adapting to climate change.
  • Develop inputs for the systematization of the process of design – implementation of the “Model Families” component.
  • Provide support to the Climate Change Adaptation team with emphasis in documentation, data collection and report writing.
  • Research and document climate change adaptation strategies and provide feedback to the team on recommendations.
  • Assist team in field surveys, meeting and training with rural communities.
  • Ensure accurate reporting on activities and editing of reports to management.
  • Support Director of Programs and Projects with written communications both externally and internally with partners.
  • Act as liaison for communications with blueEnergy offices in France and the US.
  • Develop, improve and coordinate monitoring and follow-up processes and methods in order to analyze project outcomes.

Qualifications & Competencies

  • Education: Bachelor or MS in Environmental Sciences / Engineering (e.g. Ecology, Agroecology, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering)
  • Language: Strong to Intermediate Spanish & English language (written and spoken) required; knowledge of French is a plus.
  • Expertise/experience: Research participatory action, participatory methodologies, working with indigenous people, permaculture, gardening, adaptation to climate change (adaptation based on identified community needs, etc.)
  • Relevant skills: Drafting of documents (reports, manuals, didactic teaching materials, presentations, etc.), management of statistical data and analysis, management of software such as AutoCAD or similar programs, basic understanding of technologies such as renewable energy, water and sanitation and community development.
  • Social skills: Teamwork, empathy, listening to understand, adaptability, patience and flexibility.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow through on task assignments.
  • Understanding of budgeting and basic financial analysis.
  • Flexibility and resilience in a challenging work environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and manage effective working relationships in a multicultural environment.
  • Proactive and able to work independently to complete project tasks.
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow through on task assignments.
  • Capacity to listen and respect others’ opinions.

Compensation & Living Conditions

Working with blueEnergy in Nicaragua provides the fellow with a rich experience in multi-cultural team work, indigenous cultures, development models and appropriate technology. At blueEnergy’s core is a strong entrepreneurial culture which promotes initiative and leadership. blueEnergy fellows are given great responsibility and, as a result, they experience tremendous growth, both personally and professionally while serving on the ground.

This fellow position provides a unique opportunity to learn about the social-development sector, acquire hands on experience in project profile development, relationship management with funders, nonprofit financing and fundraising and operating in diverse international teams.

blueEnergy provides a modest living stipend, room & board in communal housing, orientation, internet, supervision, project-based travel and some operational overhead. International and domestic airfare are not covered by blueEnergy.