Tajikistan nationals: Individual contractor to provide Engineering technical support for WASH construction in schools and health facilities project

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Mid-Level (5-7 Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)
Languages Required: 
Tajik and Russian


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


Key WASH indicators for Tajikistan remains less than optimal. At the global policy level, Tajikistan is a member of the High-Level Panel on Water launched by the World Bank and the United Nations and is committed to the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG-6) Eensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The hosting of the water decade by the government of Tajikistan in 2018 underlines its commitment to improving the water access situation in the country. Despite this commitment however, there are significant gaps with access of the population to water and sanitation in Tajikistan.

To contribute to the progressive realization of the Rights of the Child and Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6); UNICEF Tajikistan introduced a WASH in Institutions component in the remaining part of the country program of cooperation with the government of Tajikistan 2016-2020. The introduction of this element is in response to the request from government to support the design and implementation of the national WASH programme and a believe that improvement of WASH infrastructure at health facilities and schools, coupled with hygiene promotion intervention, will contribute to reducing infant deaths, preventing communicable diseases among children and increasing school attendance, especially by girls.

UNICEF has committed to supporting the construction and rehabilitation of WASH facilities in 50 schools and 20 maternity centres across the county, the implementation of this activity which has commenced with facility assessment and the preparation of bill of quantities. Construction work on the project is started on maternities and e

xpected to commence in August in schools.In line with the UNICEF global supplies requirements/guidelines, the UNICEF WASH construction work requires the expertise of an engineer to manage all technical matters associated with the projects which includes: designs, specifications, bill of quantities, tendering, monitoring of construction works, certification of payment to contractors etc.

Presently, the Health and Nutrition Programme under which the WASH programme is situated does not have this required technical capacity and thus a need to hire an Engineer to manage this work and provide the required technical support

How can you make a difference?

Under the overall oversight of the Chief, Health and Nutrition, the WASH engineer will work under the day to day supervision of the Chief of Health and Nutrition to support the planning and implementation of all rehabilitation/ construction activities of WASH facilities in schools and health facilities. S/he will provide on-going technical guidance and support to government engineering entities / private consulting firms or individuals hired to carry out assessments, design proposals, bill of quantities, etc. for the construction work and provide assure quality of all processes of the WASH construction works and conformity to set standards and facilitate in verification of works carried out and processing of contractor's payments. He will coordinate with ministry of education, ministry of health and design entity to resolve any conflict / construction related issue during construction activity.


This assignment has two main components:

The core responsibility of the consultant are:

  1. To provide technical assistance in quality assurance/control of the management and implementation of the UNICEF supported water and sanitation facilities construction in schools and health facilities, including monitoring of construction sites and certification of contractors bills on sample basis presented and duly verified by COCA or design company responsible for technical supervision.
  2. Provide technical input to facilitate bidding process and selection of contractors, communication and securing of required clearances with and support in coordination with the relevant government Ministries/departments at national and local levels. 

The main tasks to be performed by the position holder are:

  • Prepare Terms of Reference (ToR) and Scope of Work (SoW) for services of engineering firms/consultants to carry our needs assessments for improvement of WASH in schools and health facilities
  • Review and verify the assessment reports, and provide guidance of the construction / rehabilitation to be planned for improvement of WASH facilities in schools, health facilities, and other institutions are may be needed
  • Work closely with Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MoEWR), Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Education (MoE), and other ministries as needed, in planning and monitoring of the assessments of schools, health facilities identified for rehabilitation/improvement of WASH facilities
  • Based on the agreed work to be carried out, review and provide technical advice, recommendations and endorse design documents, bill of quantities, technical specification for tendering purposes
  • Work with Ministry staff and private partners to establish operation and maintenance require to ensure sustainability 
  • Provide technical input to the UNICEF Supply Section in the preparation of tender documents, including: Request for Proposal/Invitation to Bid (RFP/ITB), ToR, Scope of Work, Terms and Conditions, and documents for contracting
  • Provide the necessary input to Supply Section for request of Local Procurement Authorization from UNICEF Supply Division.
  • Provide technical leadership/oversight for the  evaluation of tenders, and throughout the bidding and contractor selection process, including Ensuring conformity with UNICEF supply rules, provide technical input into the preparation of tender of Request for Proposals (RFP)and facilitating timely launch of the RFP. ;  pre-biding technical briefing, , facilitating and oversighting the technical evaluation of submitted bids proposals; compilation of final bid evaluation result and ; technical assistance to the Supply in responding to any complaints from bidders in line  with related guidance, laws and regulations.
  • Establish appropriate mechanisms to facilitate proper monitoring and quality assurance (supervision) to ensure the construction / rehabilitation works are implemented according to standards before/during/after and participate in field site monitoring of construction activities.
  • Organise a schedule of regular meetings with designers, contractors, and technical people from the ministries engineers to establish a coordination mechanism for proper follow-up of project implementation
  • Establish a periodic reporting schedule for supervising engineers, review progress report documents, certify contractors bill presented by the entity responsible for technical supervision and photo documentation of implementation of works.
  • Manage a WhatsApp group for daily monitoring of construction works and information related to construction progress and sites pictures.
  • Reviewing any changes in the scope of work that may arise during implementation, assuring proper documentation, approval and reporting
  • Review and approve payment requests submitted by contractors that have been duly certified by the supervising engineer, and submit for processing of payment
  • With support from Supply Section, manage retention of 10% of payment requests as guarantee for defects of work by the contractor
  • Follow up with supervising engineers on the process of project implementation from: initial site hand over, to substantial completion and temporary acceptance of the work, through Defects Liability Period, to completion and final acceptance of the works
  • Work closely with MOEWR, MOH, MOE and consultants in the development of WASH Standard for learning and for health facilities
  • Work closely as member of the WASH team in the review, update and implementation of UNICEF WASH Country Strategy
  • Contribute to the development of proposals, concept notes, for fundraising

Assignment period

From: July 2019 to 31 October 2019 (three months)

Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

On-site working days: -  3 months

Off-site working days:  N/A

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have:

  • Education: A university degree in one of the following fields is required: civil engineering, water engineering, sanitary engineering or another relevant technical field.
  • Work Experience: a minimum of five years of professional work experience in providing Engineering Technical supervision for construction works. Specific experience in WASH-related construction in Tajikistan or any other developing country context is required. Ability to write reports and present information and data required.
  • Language: Excellent working knowledge and communication in the Tajik and Russian languages required. Basic working knowledge of English is an asset.


Qualified candidates are requested to submit

  1. Cover letter/application/CV.
  2. Financial quote for the consultancy in Tajik Somoni per deliverable, stating also the timeframe for completion of deliverable and/or daily rate in Tajik Somoni.
  3. Examples of previous, relevant work related to the deliverables.
  4. At least 2 References

Queries can be sent to: tad-procurement@unicef.org  with subject line "National consultancy to provide Engineering technical support for WASH construction in schools and health facilities project. Applications must be received in the system by the 17 July 2019 at our website: http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/index.php