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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Background: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved Grant No. G0582: Emergency Assistance Project (the Project) on 6 July 2018 for an amount of $100.0 million from Asian Development Fund grant resources, to support the Government of Bangladesh in addressing the urgent needs of the displaced persons from Myanmar in Cox’s Bazar District. Phase 1 has been substantially implemented and it helped the camps become safer, with clean drinking water, community bathing facilities, solar streetlights, cyclone shelters, food distribution centers, better roads, drainage, bridges, walkways, and hill retention. Women and vulnerable people have benefited immensely from the ADB support. However, the project has been adversely affected by coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The additional financing (Phase 2.1) project will support the infrastructure and services for adequate and clean water supply and sanitation that were identified among the urgent needs but unfunded in Phase 1 and improved public health services including the enhancement and operational support to Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Isolation and Treatment Centers (SARI-ITCs) in the camps and host communities for COVID-19 response. Objective and purpose of the Assignment: For smooth implementation of the above component, Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) will be required consultancy service for Design, prepare the standard operating procedure and maintenance of overall for Additional Financing part.

Scope of Work

The individual consultant will provide design and operational support in Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities: (i) 200 integrated WASH facilities with solar powered running water supply, (ii) 100 existing community bathing facilities improved with solar power and running water, (iii) 3 integrated solid waste management facilities, (iv) one small surface water treatment plant constructed in Ukhiya, and (v) Additional financing to integrated waste management and resource recovery for cost overrun.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The expert will perform the following tasks: (i) Supervision and monitoring of ongoing Omni Processor work (Integrated waste management and waste to energy) with quality control; (ii) Assess the existing sanitation systems and the projected quantity and quality of effluent in the coverage area; (iii) Monitor and supervise the water supply and sanitation activities under the project; (iv) Assist in selection of water supply/sanitation sub-projects following sub-project selection criteria of the project; (v) Assist PIU in planning, design and construction of production well, treatment plants, overhead tanks, pipe network system, iron and arsenic removal plants, prepare specifications, bid documents, drawings, etc.; (vi) Work closely with environmental resilient specialist to incorporate adaptation measures into water supply designs, with focus on salinity intrusion into ground and surface waters; (vii) Help conducting survey for location of Surface Water Treatment Plants, Production Tube Wells and stand pipes; (viii) Prepare feasibility study, detailed engineering designs, including specifications, drawings, and detailed cost estimates for water supply components; (ix) Assist in preparation of bidding documents, bill of quantities and conducting bidding and contract award; (x) Monitor and supervise the works as the per the detailed design and contract requirement; (xi) Prepare guidelines for organizing community, establish operation and management mechanism for long time sustainability of the services; (xii) Develop mechanism for identification of water supply system leak detection and leak management to prevent water losses; (xiii) Assist PMU in identification of proper places for Community Bathing Facilities, transfer station and sludge disposal; (xiv) Assess appropriate O&M arrangements to ensure sustainable operation of the- facilities to be built and incorporate them in the bid documents; (xv) Assist PIU in developing leaflets, brochures, posters, etc. for public awareness campaign for better hygiene; (xvi) Impart training to related PIU staffs for successful O&M of water supply network; (xvii) Perform any other task assigned by the Project Director. The contract is subject to performance evaluation review, conducted at midpoint or annually, whichever comes first. The review shall be based on achievement of assignment specific outputs on time and on budget. Any changes in stated outputs need to be approved by ADB. ADB reserves the right to terminate the contract i) if outputs are not achieved on time and at quality level acceptable to ADB; ii) services are no longer required or iii) for any other reasons in the interest of the project. Pre-termination of the contract is subject to 2-weeks’ notice.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The expert is preferred to have a Master’s degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering or related discipline. Practical experience in relevant project, experience involving in SWM including planning, design and implementation. Minimum General Experience: 15 Years Minimum Specific Experience (SWM including planning, design and implementation): 10 Years Regional/Country Experience: Required





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