US nationals: NASA Postdoctoral Program

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NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellows must meet the following program requirements:

  • Fellows must have fulfilled all the eligibility requirements in order to receive their award.
  • Fellows are stipend recipients and not employees of either NASA or USRA or of their host institution.
  • Fellows must provide proof of health insurance, either through the Aetna plan offered by USRA, or from another qualified plan. If insured under another qualified plan, the Fellow must provide USRA with the insurer name, policy number, and copies of the front and back of the insurance card.
  • The Fellow is required to maintain all safety, security, IT security and other training requirements of the host Center at which they are residing.
  • Relocation costs must be pre-approved by USRA 60 days prior to travel.
  • The Fellow must commit to resident participation at an approved NASA site for the duration of the appointment, and avoid obligations that will interrupt the research during the appointment.
  • Fellows are required to adhere to the host institution’s requirements for prior review and approval of all material to be published. This includes material that will appear in print (including poster presentations at meetings) or material prepared for oral presentation.
  • The Fellow is required to report all inventions made as a result of the appointment promptly to the director or patent counsel of his/her host institution and also to USRA.
  • USRA does not assert any rights to inventions made during the appointment.
  • NASA requires that the Fellow be fully involved in the research and educational opportunities available in the NPP appointment; the Fellow may not provide services for compensation to a third party, or supplement their stipends through simultaneous employment, grants, or other sources of income that compete with the Fellowship.

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