Graduate Student Researcher

University of California-Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, US

We are seeking two new graduate students to join the Hydrogeology group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during the current admissions cycle (applications are due 1/5/17, work begins summer/fall 2017). We are working on two kinds of projects:

(1) We are studying surface water – groundwater interactions in managed aquifer recharge, stream/river, and wetland systems, with an emphasis on processes and properties influencing subsurface flow water, resource management, and improvements to water quality. Our work involves GIS, numerical modeling, field and laboratory experiments, and the development of incentives. This work is associated with UC Water (UC Water,, and we collaborate with other universities, agencies, NGOs, and regional stakeholders.
(2) We have accumulated considerable field data from areas of vigorous “ridge-flank” hydrothermal circulation. These data sets provide the basis for three-dimensional modeling of coupled flows (fluid, heat, solutes). We use these models to understand the dynamic nature of these systems, their variability, and their significance as part of the modern hydrogeologic cycle. We are also looking at opportunities for new field projects. This work is being done as part of the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI,

Students are supported by federal, state, regional, and foundation funding, fellowships, and teaching assistantships. More information on research activities within the UCSC Hydrogeology group can be found at: Information on graduate studies in the EPS Department at UCSC can be found at:

Please see link below for instructions on applying as a graduate student to UCSC.

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